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Buyer responds for changes just before 3 days time! i sent zip files too :(

I sent the buyer all the work in a zip file, not knowing how the watermark system on Fiverr works. The buyer said ‘there are some changes i will tell later’ and did not respond for a week, then as i saw on forums i submitted the same files again. Then just 3 hours before the order would have been marked ‘complete’ by fiverr, the buyer said ‘there are some changes i will tell later’ :frowning: I have a feeling he is taking advantage of the fact that i sent the order as a zip and will probably cancel the order to get stuff done for 2 dollars or something??? That would be so bad! When we were having the chat…he seemed like a great and trustworthy guy. When he was not responding when i submitted the first time, i left a chat ‘hey, i hope you are doing well …i think you are busy and might miss the 3 days before auto completion, don’t worry i will make the changes for you later, just text me about it, i will do it for free’ Please help me with what can i do in this case… :frowning:

He has not told me the required changes again for the second revision he requested


i did not add any revisions in the custom order i gave him, i think i should have added some no. of revisions…
i have redelivered the same files again because he is not responsive as usual. Pretty sure he will come back just when the order will be complete and select for revision and not tell me what to do