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Buyer response rate is too slow

I have an order and the buyer is response rate is too slow. he asked for some modifications and I did them and send them to him.
The project deadline will end in 22 hours and I am waiting for his confirmation.
if he didn’t respond before the deadline, should I send him the new modifications without taking his feedback and offer a free revision if the didn’t like the results?
or should I wait till he respond but in this case he may respond after the 22 hours pass?
I need your opinions about this situation
thank you

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If you’ve completed the order, deliver it. If you want to state “I offer one (1) free revision” that’s your choice.You aren’t responsible for the buyer’s actions.


Thanks for your response and sorry for late reply
I did that and he understood this

If buyer not response, order will complete within 3 days. nothing to worry about that

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