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Buyer responses very late


I have a problem with an order. The buyer ordered and i made the order they asked and sent it for a revision. but she didn’t respond in like 2 days so i delivered the order as i did it so i’m not late. she came back before the deadline by 11 hours and requested her 3 revisions. so i requested a cancellation and explained that i can’t do 3 revisions in just 11 hours because of her late response. Then she declined the cancellation before less than half an hour from the deadline and said that it’s part of the offer that i do 3 revisions. I said that i offer 3 revisions within 3 days as i can do each revision in 1 day maximum! but even though i did the changes she asked. but again no response and now the time ended and it’s like i’m late on delivery.
I contacted CS but it was absolutely not helpful at all. they said that i should reach out to the buyer and ask her what she want to be done… I already said that i did what she wants! and send it but she didn’t respond i don’t know what should i do now? I really wanted a cancellation but she declined it.


If you offered revisions, just do the revisions. You don’t need to put a time limit on it. If you deliver on time the first time, you aren’t late. The clock will show “late” if a revision is requested (which is silly) but it is meaningless. Just do the job as planned, get paid, keep your completion rate up and move forward.


Oh, i thought that it will affect my rate if it shows late. Thank you so much for letting me know about that.


I would only add that you have 24 hours from the moment of revision request to deliver it. After 24 hours it will be marked as late.


Unless this is very, very new this is not true. There is a recommended time limit of 24h but it is only a recommendation. The #LATE# notice appears on the order anytime a revision is requested but the order does not count as late even if you need longer to complete a revision. The only thing that would happen if you took a very long time is that the buyer could complain to Support and get the order canceled. This is not the same thing as being officially late. If you have some proof that this has changed, please show the Terms of Service reference and people can be informed.


I second what @fonthaunt said. I don’t think what you said is true. As long as you have made the actual delivery of the order on time, you don’t really have a deadline for revisions per se. You just need to talk it out with your buyer and come to a mutually agreed upon date for submission of the revision.


First of all, I would kindly ask you not to be so categorical by saying “true or not”. This is a place for discussion and not for someone’s unique opinion.
Yesterday I received a revision request and the timer was clearly showing 24 hours.
Furthermore, I received a notification in 12 hours after that saying that I have 12 hours to deliver revised files.
As soon as I get another revision request, I will post a screenshot here because I’ve already delivered the previous order.


I think it would be better if you asked the buyer to extend delivery time (due to his/her late response)


I am not denying that at all. However, do you know what happens if you do not submit the revision within the 24 hours deadline? Nothing! That’s right! NOTHING. Even though you get all those “scary” notifications (saying you only have 24 hours to deliver the revision), your stats are not affected if you do not submit your revision within the 24- hour “deadline”. It is just Fiverr’s scare tactic to make sellers submit the revisions as soon as they possibly can.

The deadline for submission of a revision doesn’t vary from person to person. If the deadline for submission of a revision is 24 hours for me, then it is 24 hours for you too. If I don’t have a fixed deadline for submission of a revision, then you don’t have a fixed deadline either!

So, when you make a statement like this:

It is either true or false. I don’t see a third option. There is nothing to “discuss” about it. We are not talking about someone’s opinion or perception (something that might vary from person to person).

It is a fact that there is no fixed deadline for the submission of revisions. Just because another forum member comes in and says, “you have 24 hours from the moment of revision request to deliver it,” it is not going to make it real. Sorry.


A lot of categorical “NOTHING!!” and other words.
I will repeat for the last time without emotions.
When I got a revision request there was a timer (on the website and in the app) counting 24 hours.
If that’s nothing for you, it’s your choice.


@vovkaslovesnyy Did you even read this :arrow_down: ?

Even though there is a countdown timer on your order page that starts counting down from 24 hours as soon as you receive a revision request, it doesn’t affect your order completion rate or delivery on time rate if you do not submit the revision within the stipulated 24 hours.


First of all, I’m grateful for removing emotions and evaluations. There are many angry and sad things in this world, so I would prefer talking in a polite manner with you.

I read your post in details and checked other forum threads, and there are many different opinions.
With all my respect to your opinion, I prefer to believe the counter and the website.

You like to mention the rules. Is there any notice in the rules that you should answer your customers within 24 hours? My account received a warning for that, and I was told that I’m unresponsive.

I’m pretty sure if Fiverr gives you 24 hours, it makes this action for a reason.

Mod Note: Fiverr recommends 24 hours to complete a revision, but there is no penalty for needing longer as of 2/5/19. Each seller should make decisions accordingly and check with Support if further clarification is needed.


Of course, there’s a mention of this in the seller help center. :slight_smile:

Taken from the seller help center:

You also have the analytics page that tells you to maintain at least 90% response rate:



Thank you for the quote!
My response rate is 100%.
I was offline for 3 days in Out of the office mode, and couldn’t answer one of my customers.


Well said @fonthaunt


To be honest I would’ve been really pissed of on the place of your buyer.

As everybody mentioned after you delivered your first time it doesn’t matter how much time it will take for you for revisions.

And even if you think that the order is late you still have to provide your revisions even if you think that it would’ve affected your statistics.
Buyer did anything wrong, they can take all their 3 days to request modification, and you were trying to push to cancel, getting mad that they don’t do it, refusing doing revisions even though it’s stated on your gig. I wouldn’t be surprised if next step will be a bad review.

I would advise to apologies to your client, say that you reached out to customer support and they assured you that it’s absolutely fine and you are happy to do the revisions now.
And as a second action: is to read this forum to know the rules and fiverr works to avoid situations like this


I already did a revision she asked but she didn’t respond and until now there is no response even though she was online. i already did apologize when i requested the cancellation and apologized again that i didn’t understand how it works and reached out to CS and now i understand but again no response at all. so that’s why I was mad but I’m over it now as i knew that the late status doesn’t affect if i did delivered the original work. I’m okay with the bad review but not okay with unresponsive client.


If you already delivered your product there’s nothing for you to think about unresponsiveness of the buyer. because the order will automatically completes within 3 days if the buyer did not respond.


I also facing that problem few time. in that time you can ask the buyer for " Request to Extend due Date"
Go Head… Good luck

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