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Buyer retains rights to products

So, a seller starts on Fiverr in order to build a business. They offer a gig of creating original artwork.

For a mere $5. The Terms of Use state that the buyer retains all rights to the product. The buyer can then go out and

make ‘prints’ of the artwork and sell them for any amount with no ‘credit’ to the original artist.

This does not seem fair.

Any Fiverr artist out there disagree?

Perhaps the Fiverr platform just isn’t the place for a creator of original artwork?

I do not sell original artwork but wholeheartedly agree with the point you made here.

A similar thing occurs with my voiceover work though.

I hope that things can change somehow in the future with this situation…

Hi there~ that’s not entirely true,

You can state otherwise in your description first.

Quoted from TOS:

"Buyers are granted all rights for the delivered work, unless otherwise specified by the seller in the Gig description. "

Reiterating what @angiechong said.

I’ve seen quite a few sellers that spell out copyright terms on their gig page. Smart idea. Some will sell all rights as an Extra, which is a really nice option if your end game is to re-sell what you buy. :wink:

Just to add to my previous comment, this is what I write in my gigs just in case of buyers looking for commercial use:

“You may not use my artwork for commercial purposes unless that’s our arrangement, which will incur extra charges for rights to reprint for profit”