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Buyer returns after Order automatically completed


I want to knowif buyer reutrns for a refund after the order has been automatically completed.

‘Saying I had been away. And I didn’t like the final design’

Whwreas you waited for his reply and did the best design you could. And now you can’t even offer a refund(via resolve now)
What should be done?


Tell the buyer that the order is complete and you did the work as described in the gig description, so therefore you expect to be paid and can’t offer a refund. Tell him also that the time to be able to give a refund is now too late. Then do not argue further, and do not offer a refund.

Thank you.
And what if he contacts CS?

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Secondly, if there is another situation.
Where the order is still running and the buyer hasn’t requested a revision. He just updated he wanted a new design. Doesn’t clicks modification

And you agree to that, but later on the order gets completes.

Now what should be done?

  • revision sent via inbox? As last revision?

Or how?

And if revision sent and he doesn’t likes(wants a refund)
How should that be handled?
Since the order has been marked completed automatically

They should side with you. It’s their own rules.


Why would he? The order is complete.

Why agree to do a new design if he didn’t pay for it?

If he asks for a new design send him a custom offer for it.

Both of these situations are the buyer trying to get more than he paid for and it is up to you to not allow it. Say no.

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Ahan ok.

But since I already had agreed for a revision.
So how should I handle it now :disappointed:

If he asks for a refund? (On not liking)
If he asks for another revision?

You offer 5 revisions? Even if the order is marked as complete I would honor those revisions you offered. You can always deliver via inbox.

Okay and if doesn’t likes them after those 5?

The rule is that once the order is complete there are no more revisions. He needs to ask for them before it completes.

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That’s not your fault and it’s too bad for him. He can place another order if he want’s more of your work and time.

The terms of service say that it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t like what he got. He still has to pay for it.

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Okay, so now I make this revision to him

If he says he didn’t like it and wants a refund
I tell him the order has been completed
And he can’t get a refund now.


If the order HAS been completed he can’t get any more revisions or a refund. Be very nice and sweet when you tell him this.

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The only thing that kept me worried was If I didn’t give a revision or satisfaction he might contacts CS and they cancel the order.

Hence I offered revision.

Thank you for letting me know. I ll be careful now

Look it’s your decision as a seller. I am quite surprised you are asking these questions.

Here is a copy of a section in Fiverr’s TOS:

-Revisions to deliveries can be performed by sellers based on the seller’s Gig and customer care. Sellers may determine the amount of revisions offered to buyers, including no revisions.

-Requests for revisions can be performed through the Order page while the order is marked as Delivered.

Completed orders may be cancelled, upon review of our Customer Support team, up to 14 days after the order is marked as complete.

An order is marked as complete after the order is marked as Delivered and then rated by a buyer. An order will be automatically marked as complete if not rated and no request for modification was submitted within 3 days after marked as Delivered.

If you don’t honor the revision, your buyer might leave negative feedback which potentially can hurt your sales further down the road. Which he might do anyways, if he doesn’t like the end result.
If you did your work according to the gig description incl. revisions you have offered, I would not cancel. You did the work and your buyer should be paying for your service.