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Buyer reuqest problem

Good morning everyone

I have just sing up for fiver to rise up some $ … I went directly to BUYER REQUEST because it is the faster way to get to work … I saw about 8 request I only understood 2 because it was very hard to follow and understand , so I apply for 2 and then all of sudden all the 6 buyer request had disappeared and for almost one day I refresh the page and can’t find any request … any tip ??


After 10 people from a level apply to a buyer request it will disappear for that level. Since no level sellers depend on buyer requests more than sellers of other levels the buyer requests disappear faster for them.

Here is more info about Buyer Requests: :arrow_down:

Create at least 3 gigs to get more buyer request and keep check in which time you get buyer request. Everyday you will get buyer request almost same time.

Thank you.