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Buyer Revenge - Leaves 1 star Rating

Once I gave honest feedback to my Buyer(2-star) that’s because I had a really bad experience working with him. After some time, he placed an order again (5$), and then after perfect delivery, he leaves a 1-star rating. Should I contact CS and ask them about it. ?


Hi. I always block this kind of buyers after the 1st order is delivered. I work only with 100% satisfied clients!

I won’t contact CS for this.


Why did you work again, you should cancel order and block him.

Contact CS and show the messages.


Pathetic! Seems like buyers can control everything here. In sha Allah you will achieve a good review soon.


Yes sadly in these spaces you find you need to Block someone the moment they get strange. People go from clueless to mad bomber in a heartbeat and you cannot rely on common sense or fairness to temper that. Forget the TOS as most haven’t read it and even if they have they probably know that CS will not really enact it as it reads.

Once you see the crazy cracks appear, block, block and block. Sad but the only way to be remotely safe.

Also get rid of $5 gigs as that just makes it too easy for them to come back for a laff at your expense. If they are going to rodger you at least get paid nicely.



Good thing I have read this. Just removed my 5$ package for a sample. Never know I may make someone angry by calling out their stolen works on this forum :stuck_out_tongue:


The simplest advice could be: Never work with these kind of clients

I have blocked it this time . But what if, he create a new account and then place the order. ?

You can’t see everything - at least not if you stay open for business but if you change more, they will probably be too stingy to part with the money when they could buy weed instead.

A good FAQ and Buyer Requirements form will probably see them give themselves away so you can Cancel when they write Ilikebigbuts in all the slots because they are infernally lazy…


Maybe buyer did it intentionally. Don’t talk about it with customer support or Buyer.

It’s really a professional advice.

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You block again and as it is forbidden to make more accounts, you report him, it will be made close these accounts.

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Are you talking about cat grass? :sweat_smile:cat grass

Buyer did it intentionally. I know! That’s Correct. Because his intention is to take revenge.

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What comments did you make about this buyer with your 2* review?

Maybe in the future, you would want to rethink what you say in your review of the buyer. But, it depends on what you said about them. Some people are quite sensitive to any criticism and will plot their revenge! The trick if you want to give a less than 5* review of your experience with them is how you explain why you are giving it.



“The buyer is too Choosy. Poor Communications.” This was my honest Feedback.

But what’s the solution for it. ? ( I already blocked him)

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