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Buyer review bad effect in Fiverr profile

intentionally a buyer give me bad review , he has work with me after want to refund his money back , he use the mail after few days lathers ,he talk he don’t found that… we are agree this work to create a name 2 edu email , i will do compilate that but intentionally give me bad review , what can i do???

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Nothing. Buyers are free to give any type of review they want - whether they loved your work, service and communication and give you 4 or 5 stars or felt you lacked in those areas and gave you a 1 or 2 star OR felt you were mediocre at best and gave a 3 star.

Whatever you do, do NOT message the buyer to ask them why they gave you a bad review. This can be considered review manipulation and get your account a warning or worse.

I would say though, that some of your problem IF you were working with a buyer who is from the West is your communication and writing skills - it is hard to make out exactly what you are trying to convey in your story here. If your communication is lacking, that can frustrate some buyers and they will give low marks.



Unless you happen to have studied that edu institution’s terms of service and they allow random people to create edu mails with them for other random people, you’re better off laying low and studying Fiverr’s as well as any third party’s terms of service that you use in any way for services you offer on Fiverr and rethink what kind of services to provide.

If those terms don’t allow it, immediately stop offering such services, and hope for the best.

The question what you can do also could be answered by reading Fiverr’s terms of service, as they are clear about the circumstances in which they might remove a review.

On another note, shady services attract shady customers, who might not behave as you’d like them to.


stay far away. seller is a scammer. He gave me useless emails which I cannot use and when I asked for refund and why they are not working he blocked me. Stay far away from him otherwise you are basically throwing money out of the window … just filed a dispute with the support to get my money back

The above is what the buyer said in their review. There is nothing you can do except reply to the review.


1st time he use email , suddenly he talk he does not use this, and it is useless emails. what is my fault , i again check that but i can loge in. coz he al ready change password and details .

its effect to my Fiverr profile . i can’t sent buyer request .why he do this?

buyer requirements don’t full fell in, He wants more and more, he ordered me to give name2 email, I will provide, he received that, but after few days he talks he doesn’t found that, and refund his money, he has a fake buyer, and also he has more bad reviews his profile, he give me same. he misuse his author.

what can i do now???

Well, since I am not HIM, I cannot answer why HE did this to you.

If you read his review, it would seem he explains WHY he did this. Whether or not his complaint in his review is true, embellished or an outright lie is something only you and him know.

Your English is really hard to decipher unfortunately, so it is hard to understand the full story.

You may want to READ what I wrote to you already, as I told you what you can do:



It doesn’t matter what a buyer wants beyond your initial agreement or what your Gig that they ordered promises to deliver, especially not if they want something that’s not legal/against Fiverr’s terms of service.

You’re only obliged to deliver what your Gig or custom offer stated that you would deliver. I’m not sure why I even have to say that.
It’s your Gig and your rules, in addition to Fiverr’s terms of service, and you are responsible for sticking to Fiverr’s rules, whatever the buyer might want, and for not letting buyers walk all over you if they don’t respect your rules, i.e., what your Gig or your custom offer and agreement with the buyer originally was for.

If a buyer wants you to do more work (which is not illegal/against Fiverr’s terms), it’s still up to you to say “yes, for an additional price”, or “no, sorry”, if you can’t/don’t want to do whatever that more work is.

If you rather do that additional work without asking for payment, for some reason, that’s up to you, too, but, still, that’s on you.

As soon as you provide services against payment, you’re a business owner, and you need to take responsibility for your business, research legal liabilities, learn to deal with your customers (including entitled, rude, and dishonest ones), your reviews, and all that fun stuff. If anyone told you it’s easy to be a business owner, they lied.


I pointed out in a response to another thread you made about a seller asking you to create an edu email that it was more than likely an illegal service that you are offering. Then I looked online and found that indeed is illegal.

I would advise you not make this kind of emails for any other buyer from now on. If I were you I would also hope Customer Service does not find out that you provided such a service or you could be banned! :scream:


the first time he requests me, then ensures me he is a student. but anyhow he lost his id. I thought I help them. but now he dem me.

And you believed him? It is a simple thing to get a new ID and it would be way less trouble and less costly than ordering a “fake” edu email. :woman_facepalming:t2:


It doesn’t matter, you’re still not allowed to create an edu email for them.

And keep in mind that, according to Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you have to ensure that the service you’re providing is legal. You can’t just not know whether something is legal or not; it won’t be a valid excuse if you get caught.