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Buyer Review Not Showing


So yeah, just try to leave a review and it doesn’t seem to register. I tried the app and PC browsers but the review just won’t stay. Does someone else have the same issue?

Review without completing the order
Client Review is not showing

Could you pleae try with a google chrome with cleaning your caches.


Already tried, the mobile app should work either way - which isn’t.


Yes. But sometimes people complain about reviews on mobile phones. That’s why i want you to try on web.


A buyer posted a review and it’s now showing either, definitely a bug.


Yes I have the same problem.buyer has rated my gig. review can see on the gig page.but the order hasn’t marked as complete on ordering page.


Same here, I’ll wait till it gets marked as complete automatically before contacting CS.


Just tried to review a buyer that gave me a good review and tip. So order is complete, yet my review will not stick. I enter it, and it just goes away.


That’s happening a lot. Let’s wait and see how it goes. In my case, it fixed itself after a few minutes.


Actually i think so its b bug and its happening today


Same here. Buyer has posted reviews and I don’t know how to contact fiverr support. there is no appropriate selection for reporting issue.