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Buyer Review with Country Name

Just recently observed!

As previously we had the only buyer name along with the review, but now country name has been added, what do you think is it helpful?

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I just now looked at your gigs and reviews, along with my own reviews, and don’t see that.

I don’t think that would add anything anyone needs to know.

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It doesn’t appear on profile reviews, kindly click on any of your gig & scroll down to see reviews with country name.

I did that and see the usual thing. I looked at your gigs and my gigs.

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That’s not what I see. Very strange.


Sometimes changes takes time, you have to re-login the account.

I think only you see that in your profile as you already know the clients location. Other people do not see that in your profile as it seems.

In my opinion it would not hurt, as a translator, when I have reviews from the country of the language I translate (German in my case), they do tend to look better than those from untelated countries. Kust my two cents :))

Take care!


It’s not only me who can see buyer country name with the flag, it’s about all sellers, but yes it’s not appeared on profile reviews instead it has been in gig’s reviews.

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Ok, then you must be right, I stand corrected! But as I said, I don’t see an issue with that :slight_smile:

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Same here! I tried without logged in and no flag there!

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I am not sure about this, maybe it is on testing because as a number of users aren’t able to see that.