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Buyer reviewed and completed the order but i did not received the review

Hey! My Buyer Completed the order after my delivery and according to them they also reviewed my delivery. below is the screenshot my buyer sent which says “DELIVERY REVIEWED” and ORDER COMPLETED.
But the problem is I never got any review. I just received the notification that “(BUYER) marked the order as completed” below is the screenshot. I did not get any notification to give my feedback to the buyer to see the review. I got the amount but not the review.

If my Buyer Reviewed then why I never received any?

Your Help would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


This is my notification screenshot.

They simply did not leave a review. Buyers don’t always leave reviews.
“Delivery reviewed” in this context means that buyer checked out the delivery and marked the order as complete, it has nothing to do with feedback. Although I understand why wording might seem confusing to some.


Thanks for replying. I asked my buyer about this and they said that they reviewed it with 5 stars…

Contact with Fiverr Help
I hope they can help you with this issue

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There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review.

Best to leave this and move on.


Good information adnanalif

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Good information

That is not a good information. It is a terrible and harmful advice.
Firstly OP would be bothering CS over nothing and making queue for everyone longer, they already take ages to reply to far more important requests.
Secondly they will get a warning for discussing reviews with a buyer.


Terrible advice.

As @alyonagrapie advised this could result in the seller getting a warning.

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Thank you so much @sktuix

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