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Buyer reviewed fiverr rather than the gig


i am about to have 100 reviews on my gig, i have recently got two reviews where buyers have reviewed to fiverr rather than my gig, they reviewed that they are fully satisfied with the service provided buy fiverr should do this or that, and give a little less stars like 4.5 or 4.7, so how we can save ourselves from these kind of reviews, how we can tell buyers that this review is just for the service, because if they had reviewed for only the service provided they will surely have given 5 stars.


Strange, I have never run into that issue. :thinking:


This happened to me once. The buyer said that he reviewed me low on communication because he thought the app messaging system worked poorly. I asked Support if that was acceptable and they said yes, that the buyer was allowed to rate his entire “experience” so I just had to move on.


Lmfao what that’s crazy lol


People do it on business sites all the time. Amazon has resellers but people might review the product, the reseller or all of Amazon. It can be annoying, though not particularly funny.


That’s not really fair because I’m not running, I’m only providing a service on I really wish Fiverr would be more open-minded about the reviews that people leave. I’ve had some really irritating negative reviews.


Fiverr has to have a totally hands off policy about reviews. I sense a tough legal department guiding this.


sorry i didn’t follow your comment, will you please elaborate?


Fiverr does not get involved in reviews, either removing them or changing them, as they want all the words in reviews to be the words of the buyer so they won’t seem to anyone to be manipulating them. That is just a guess but it makes perfect sense. That’s what I mean about a tough legal department.


Never happened to me in here, but I used to work as customer service for some popular TV and Hotel companies. My service was good overall but some customers when rating my service included the actual service experience they had with the company, pretty similar case, the same horrible feeling.


I would be guessing too, but I would not be surprised if this were true. I’m pretty sure legal has been involved in a number of less than popular decisions made.


Yeah, it is. I think in some ways we might be lucky. Amazon allows people to review without even purchasing the item. It shows “unverified” or something like that, but a lot of people reading reviews only read the negative comments. I’ve seen buyers suggest that Fiverr should allow sellers to be reviewed for canceling an order and that would be even worse.

When Fiverr was a younger company, they pushed buyers to leave 5-star reviews and they pushed sellers hard to obtain those reviews. A lot of sellers had all 5-star ratings in their first 500-1000 reviews back then. Fiverr was pretty quick to remove negative reviews if the seller was doing well. That may have come back to bite all of us. Fiverr was criticized heavily for this practice of forcing perfect reviews and removing negatives.


I read a book recently and the writer wrote and I quote “Fiverr is a company that designs logos for $5”. :roll_eyes: A few people don’t understand that Fiverr is a marketplace and that Gigs are offered by Freelancers. I guess its up to us to relay this message.


Hopefully you get this sorted out.