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Buyer reviews should be viewable in public profile:


Every so often, I get a "random" buyer that fails to communicate with me prior to order seemingly "less than friendly". They incorrectly order, I try to communicate with them, then they try to get things for free, try to take advantage, harass, deny cancelation over and over, and bully me around.

I've talked to other sellers, and are having issues (sometimes with the same buyers). Some buyers are even going so far as to creating new accounts, after I cancel their order, and block/report them. I know this, because when the 'new person' orders, it's the exact same request, same "messages", or scripts depending on the gig they purchased.

I just commented on another 'Suggestion Box' discussion about their needing to be an "accept" or "deny" for buyers and sellers, the buyer should make a request offer, providing information needed for the gig, and once delivered notifies the seller with the option to accept/deny the order. Maybe giving it a 48-hour window for the seller to respond, and if the seller doesn't the buyer is able to cancel the offer and move onto another seller. This I feel will really make things easier for the seller, so weren't not forced to cancel gigs that we aren't able to do, or won't do.

Anyways, if that was put into place, I think that would really help everyone. If sellers were able to check out the buyers profile with the reviews made from other sellers they'd know they are potentially working with an amazing buyer, a so-so buyers, or if they're just a nightmare waiting to happen. I don't want to sound like a bully myself, but I think this would be a really good way for us as seller to protect ourselves, our ratings, and our time/suffering that is the seemingly anonymous 'bad-buyer'. Does that make sense? It's hard to find out other wise, as a seller I don't go searching information in regards to each buyer, and if they don't have any gigs listed themselves (most don't) I'm up a creek.

What do all the sellers think? Good idea? Better ideas? Let me know, thanks either way! :)


I completely agree!!


I completely agree!!


I completely agree!!


I completely agree!!


I completely agree!!


I love this idea. Gives me a sense of how well this buyer worked with other sellers. Even if users had a rating based on their buying activity, that would be helpful too. If there is an issue that arises we would have justification based on their previous interactions or conclude that communication is just off in this instance and would be more likely to be more patient.


@intuitionhost Thanks for your feedback! I think buyers would have better behavior… no? Sort of like, a shop lifter is less likely to steal if they know their are cameras around. Buyers would be a little less unruly if they know their reviews are public on their profile. I can only guess what a buyers feedback has been between them and a past seller. Sellers really have no way of finding out. I think some buyers know this, and use it to their advantage. Thoughts?


I love the idea. Since as a sellers your reviews are public, I think reviews of buyers should be public to.


Yes, I am facing the same problem. I would like to see the buyers profile with reviews from other sellers. This way I know if I should deal with them. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT - I have already encountered buyers who take this to their advantage and threaten you with negative feedback


I am lucky to have all nice buyers so far. It’s fine to answer potential buyers even they just drop by, and we may not make a deal.
But Yes, I agree both sides should be able to get a clue by checking the reviews, just like all other platforms have buyer/seller sides.


That’s a wonderful idea! I concur 100% with you. Sellers review to buyers should be viewable although I am confused about Fiverr’s step!