Buyer reviews visible?


Perhaps I have just noticed this, but it appears that in the new inbox, we can see the buyer’s ratings.

How many times have we asked for this. Great job fiverr.



I don’t have that. Are you sure that buyer is not also a seller?




I went through my latest messages from people and only see that on one, where it is a seller but was not a buyer of mine.

edit: I just looked at some more and only see it on the ones who are sellers so it is possible that your buyer had his gigs removed. Take a look at more of your messages to see if it is on any others.


Maybe I spoke too soon. It may well be those were as a seller. Most others do not have it. Dang!


Sorry to spoil your few minutes of joy…


Grr. Mike… My heart stopped for a minute in awe LOL. :joy:




Those reviews are from gigs they sold.

What I want to know is what makes someone a ‘top buyer’

Anyone have a clue?


An informal survey I took once was indicating that it’s if someone spends at least $500 on the site.


I’m pretty sure, he/she was a seller and got these reviews, but he/she is also a top buyer.

Nothing new about this, I believe


Nope. I have some weird things in mine, but not like yours. Here is a wider shot and it does show more info than it used to, but not what you have:

What I found strange is that I see slightly different things on different buyers. It’s not even divided between those that are sellers also and those that aren’t. Some people I see their Avg response time, some I don’t, some just look slightly different. It’s weird.


Sometime I see “repeat buyer” on a buyer that only purchased once.


Wow, this good news, but I dont seem to be seeing it as yet. Or perhaps the person really was just a seller.


can we not see what sellers has left as reviews for buyers??


Random, but I’m sad my inbox still doesn’t look like that sad face hahahaha