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Buyer revised order requesting extra service not in the original order

Hi All,

We delivered the order as per the buyer request. But now he marked the order for revision and added extra services that was not mentioned on the previous order, we marked the product for revision for extra time as buyer demanded extra service and now buyer is not responding.

What should I do if I cancel the order it will hamper my rating and buyer is also not responding, KINDLY HELP. How can I protect my ratings.


So long as you are confident you delivered what the buyer originally ordered, then you must go to customer support. It’s the only way to resolve these situations.

To add to the above, quote this from the TOS both to the buyer and to CS - they forget sometimes:
“Requesting to gain more services from Sellers beyond the agreed requirements by using the Request Revisions button is not allowed.”

If you’re willing to add the extras - raise an extra fee