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Buyer revision request with no details

Hi all,

I’m a new seller here and have run into this problem, which I’m learning is not uncommon.
I delivered a buyers order, and he submitted a revision request without providing me any details on what changes he wants. It’s been over 24 hours since and he has not responded to my messages. I’m worried he might disappear on me and not accept the order even though the job was completed to his requirements.

I’d be glad to hear what you would do in this situation.

Deliver again, noting that his revision request contained no info so you cannot assist.

This gets his 3 days counting again.

If he does it again, refer to CS for advice.

I truly hope you do not have endless revisions or anything silly like that or he owns you.


Thank! I did as you suggested. Hope he doesn’t give me any problems.

I know its a cool feature but I always set my revisions count to 0. At most, set it to 1. I remember seeing the revision button when I setup my Fiverr account for the first time.

I was like, “that is one dangerous option to be turned on”. You may lose some customers who may bail after seeing your low revision count but trust me, those are the customers who will give you trouble anyway.

Better safe than sorry. Sometimes it is wise to say ‘no’ to an order.

Update : Actually, I dont see the revision option anywhere in my gig details. I think, it shows up only when you create new gigs, and instinctively, I must have set it to zero.

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