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Buyer reward/medal system


Just curious, but would many of you also be up for fiverr starting up a medal system for those who are constant buyers? I see similar posts made about this and it would be nice to bump this up again for those who think we should have recommendations to our purchases as well. I mean, let’s face it; without the buyer, the artists would not exactly have a to of medals to go off of.

Why not have medals for number of purchases, least amount of “revamps”, how many various sellers they go to, etc. I think it would also help the sellers know who they are dealing with and can make better judgments on commissions to take through those who are reliable and easy to work with.

Plus, it would be nice to see that those who spends hundreds (if not thousands) on this site are somewhat recognized for their efforts in helping this industry/company and their artists out. Ideas?


I am a seller but I totally agree with you. The medal system should be for both buyers and sellers. :+1:


As already stated in many other posts, it’s not going to work. Buyers do already have a crown for number of purchases but so many buyers come irregularly and occasionally to get what they need it wouldn’t really mean much. And I think number of revamps for example could be more or equally a reflection on the seller than the buyer. Same with cancellations. Same with anything you could measure really. And if buyers thought they were being rated they might not come here.


Every so often there is a “Spend $20, get $5 back” type offer. I count that as a reward thing.


I’ve gotten those before too. But I mean this more on the lines for sellers. We see what medals they get for service and how good they are as a provider of that service…it might be good to promote how good the clients are with their purchases.


Where do we see these crowns? Kinda curious.


You can see it when they message you, beside their name or the message. Like here:


Ah, I see. Cool thanks.