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Buyer ruined my gig


I have a gig where I charge labor for installing and setting up a free service. A buyer asked before hand an example website and I said I can’t provide because it would defeat the purpose of the gig if they could just go find it themselves and get another seller to do it, I mentioned that I have example screenshots.

The buyer bought my gig and in their review they mentioned the name of the service I used. This basically ruined my gig and basically now whenever someone is browsing reviews they could go to the service website in-turn me losing out on a sale.

I consider the fact that I know about the platform and a buyer not knowing as a selling point. Is there any way to get fiverr to change the comment? Has anyone experienced similar?


Let me also read the reviews and see what was so special.


I did a quick browse on your gigs and I think I found the review you are talking about. If you delete the gig and recreate it, it also deletes the reviews… That’s probably the simplest. You seem to only have one review on that Gig, so you won’t loose any other valuable reviews.


So what you are selling on that gig is essentially you creating an account for people on a free online service?

I don’t know, it doesn’t sound right.

Where’s the added value?

Your entire business plan for that gig is: “people must not find out about that service on their own”.

And I’m guessing my reaction when I also realized that I paid $5 for you to enter my email somewhere and create a password, for a free online service, would not be great.

Just by reading your gig’s description, one thinks it’s a service you created, or a program only you have, or something of value.

You may need to give up on the idea, as it will only bring you trouble.

And it’s a grey area at best.


Actually, I set it up, meaning the script, not many buyers are familiar with FTP or adding code to the right place or anything like that. So I charge for my labor.

The issue here is a buyer could have gotten the service, made a buyer request for $5 since buyer requests always win over gigs since it’s like a sea of sharks…

No one deserves to tell you how much your time is worth, so I charge what I feel is right for me pausing my timer from my much higher paying work to connect to buyers site via FTP or alike to install a script for a buyer and set up a dashboard while also providing them with tips etc.

In addition to my obvious labor cost, I also save buyers hundreds of dollars a year by setting up this service and bringing it to their attention, don’t you think I deserve to get $5 for that? lol but as I said, I charge for me taking time out of my day to save buyers hundreds of dollars a year.


Issue solved, thanks @williamz902 I just realized that the one he purchased was the one specific to WordPress which I recently created so not many ratings


That review ain’t going no where, I would like to see you try and remove it. What’s done is done.


Lol it’s cool it was under the new segmented gig which had no reviews before :slight_smile: paused it and will recreate :smiley:


If removing a review was that easy no one would have any bad reviews. I am still seeing the review on you profile