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Buyer"s problem

After some day i face some new problem.
That was buyer’s massage me and i also massage him.
But he never reply and never feedback more.
I also massage him that’s please response
but buyer never come beak. I don’t understand why buyer’s
go out. He nothing to say me. just gone .
Please any body tell me or suggest me.

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Seller/Buyer massages? Swedish or nvm. :no_mouth:

Maybe the buyer is busy just give him time to respond.


This is exactly why I myself stopped massaging my clients altogether.

Let it go. He or she is likely somewhere else being massaged by someone else now. There’s nothing you can do aside from perhaps think about improving your massage technique?


Maybe you should put this through google translate so you know what you just said . . . :hushed:

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Awesome! Can I be massaged by someone too? My back could use a good massage. :wink:

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It’s message, not massage.

Perhaps they got your message and decided not to go with your services? You say in your profile that your English is ‘fluent’ - you may want to rethink that as potential buyers may be disappointed, which may be why they’re not replying.


I think the OP might have a slot. Just send her a message to ask if she can massage you in return. :slight_smile:

That’s not . buyer massage me fast he need design attached photos etc.
than i also said i can do this please give me your logo or requirement or details etc
than he no feedback after . I am a new seller in fiverr and it’s very important to me
sell my gig . I hope you understand.

But boss I am anew seller in fiverr . it’s very important me to sell my gig
Can you help me or suggest me how can sell my gig.

You delivered an order and the buyer didn’t leave a review - about 30% of buyers don’t leave a review.

Please don’t message your buyer to ask for feedback, they may become annoyed.


i never help google translate . I speak English very well.

Please look up the difference between “message” and “massage”. I think you did not say what you intended to say. It is ok. We all learn from our mistakes.

But buyer fast massage me and pray me to help than i send him massage. after he nothing to say
about her problem . Please tell me how can solved it.

ok thanks for you help .

So you messaged them and they didn’t message back?

You can’t make them buy from you, or reply to you.

You haven’t got a problem - just a person who messaged you and didn’t respond to your reply.


ok. thanks for your help


What’s up with the blond little girl holding ice skates? Maybe this is turning off potential buyers. Just sayin’


Slow massages are usually better.

Again: It’s “message” not “massage”. Both words mean something completely different. :wink:

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That is, alas, up for interpretation. :wink:

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I’m guessing he means, Google translate always asks for his help but he always declines because Google translate doesn’t speak good English. But the OP says he does…

@md_nahid Sorry about it.

He was simply a prospective buyer. We all get messages from people willing to buy but are still searching for the Seller that fits their budget and skillset.

Keep trying!