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Buyer’s requests asking for samples and never return

Dear All,

Please advise how to handle the buyer’s requests asking for samples and never return.

If the buyer wants a video editing job done for 40$ I will send my offer for 30$, then the buyer responds to my message and asks for a sample.
when the sample is shared buyer never returns. I feel the buyer shares my sample to the seller who is quoting for 10$ or 5$. Any suggestions, please.


Never give your work away for free, because that is how bad buyers can cheat you. Never give away work as a “free sample”, because those buyers have no intention of hiring you or paying for your work.


I think that buyer was happy with your sample. :rofl:


Thank you so much for your advice, next time I will be carefull for such buyer requests.

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If someone asks you do do a free sample of the work, expect them to be a thief.

I assume that you have a Portfolio showing the sort of work that you do. If not, make one NOW. If a buyer can’t extrapolate from that, you don’t want them. you can show your work in several ways like these Playlists:
Released Work Portfolio:
Work Style Portfolio:

Putting your price below their already Low Ball offer simply makes you look like you are going to be a soft touch. Don’t compete on price.



Thank you for your advice

Is that what you’d normally charge for that kind of work? If not, by lowering your price, you’re just telling that buyer that you’re desperate.

Direct them to your portfolio. If that’s not enough, send them a custom offer for $5 or $10 (or whatever would be worth your time) for a small sample.

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Hi, Thank you for your reply