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Buyer`s requests response

I send multiple buyers requests daily and i also made sure that Im among the first ten offers , but yet there’s no response in return .
Please Pros, what am I not doing right ?


Why don’t you share one of your typical responses with us, so we can critique it?


Hello I will design a professional and unique logo that would represent your business, company or brand, I have many years working experience in graphic design. I will provide multiple samples before you order. Please message me. Thanks

Is that too bad?

Hello Thanks for your request, I will design a creative and unique logo for your brand/company. I guarantee you professional work if you work with me. Thanks

Please you can also let me know one of the professional ways to respond to buyer`s request .

I have sent 80 requests and got one order. I don’t think you can receive much orders from buyers requests.


Another thing I also noticed is this , I will see a request with zero offers, the moment I send mine and refresh, I will see about 80offers sent, is that normal or something is wrong?

This may be helpful to you:


Thanks, I will quickly go through it

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No, it’s not too bad.

How many responses have you sent? Sometimes it can take a while to get an order from the BR feature.

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Not bad, but you can try customizing your message, adapting it to each buyer’s specific request so that it doesn’t look like you didn’t take the time to read their requirements. :slight_smile:


I have sent 532 requests, I got 4 in return in an interval of about 100 requests

Okay, I will improve on that.

One order per hundred responses doesn’t sound too bad for a new seller. Some sellers on this forum have to send a few hundred responses to get an order.

Hopefully you can improve your average a bit by customising your responses. Buyers do tend to like it when they feel a seller has read their request and has started to think about what can be brought to their project. Everybody likes to feel special, after all.

An easy way to customise responses is to talk about your experience working on projects similar to the buyer’s (e.g. eco logos). Sometimes, it’s possible to talk about what you’d like to achieve by working on the project. If that matches the buyer’s vision, you have a really good chance of landing the job.

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Thanks, I will definitely put your opinion into consideration

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Sorry but this is not a good offer to buyer request.
You can read buyer request and then offer him according to his request. What you think will be good for his project and then share that information plus how it can be improve and what you think is wrong etc.

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Thanks, I will improve on that too