Buyer\'s Revision - FAQ


Hi All!

I am wonder that buyers can take any amount of revisions even though it is defined in custom order or in GIG.

Recently I faced this. I sent a custom order to customer without defining the revision count.But he took two revisions even though I have defined 1 revision for GIG.

Can someone tell is it possible or did I get this process wrong?



The revision number is something you can set to tell buyers what you are willing to do. The system does not keep them from trying to ask for more revisions by pressing the button again. It is up to each seller to enforce their own rules on revisions. You can tell them that you have already done the promised revisions and refuse to do more, or you can send them a quote to ask them to pay for exra revisions. I think most sellers are willing to be a little flexible, but its totally up to you.


Thank you this is very helpful for me.