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Buyer’s take too much work in $5 and show they didn’t like, but in reality they like our work why they do this read this article?

Hi guy’s hope you are fine! My name is Usama, and I’m level one seller on fiverr. I’m here to raise a big issue I think every seller would have this. Actually, I’m a graphic designer and create social media content at basic 1 post in $5. Some buyers are very legitimate, but some just have the intention to take more work in less price and they use a trick & technique which is “I did not like your work, please change it” and put every delivery in revision even you delivered outstanding quality work, and when they received their desired level of quantity post’s then they ask to cancel the order.
What? :open_mouth:
oh is it really true? :open_mouth:
Yes, it’s true & bitter, and we are helpless and dejected in this case because the buyer has more value than creative-sellers at fiverr. There is no such a way to escape from this situation. It’s really downhearted when you work all day long and put your time & efforts to make the delivery appealing then buyer rejects your work.
There is no option left except to deliver him again and again according to their infinity imagination and requirements just for $5.

Tips for new sellers please don’t take orders from following types of buyer’s
1- They will show theirself as they have multinational company and here if you did good job they will give you more work even the reality is company, hire a person they would not go for outsourcing at different freelance platforms.
2- Wants works in chunks: Let suppose if you have a basic package to design 1 post in $5 and standard package to design 5 post in $10 they will surely ask you make one post this time and remains after a week or month.


This is a helpless situation dude.Here we can only give prior buyer’s satisfaction.But I think you can move on to ‘seller’s protection’ option.

where is seller’s protection option?

Sadly there are a handful of terrible buyers who do abuse individuals and the Fiverr platform. In my experience you can protect yourself by:

  1. Offering limited revisions. Maybe 2 or 3. Any seller who offers unlimited revisions or a stupidly high number like 8 or 10 is asking for trouble. The buyer will be within their rights to come back to you time and time again for no extra money, and preventing you from working on new jobs. By the way, I have been a Fiverr seller for seven years and I no longer offer revisions. None.

  2. Ensuring your gig wording is watertight. Don’t use silly words like “guaranteed” - you can’t guarantee anything. Make sure your gig description is factual and that you can prove every word of it is true. Should a buyer raise a complaint against you, the first thing Fiverr customer supper is likely to do is check what your description promised your buyer. Did you deliver what you promised? It’s a simple yes or no.

  3. The moment a buyer shows signs of being abusive or requesting an unfair amount of work, you have to put a stop to it. “What you are requesting falls outside of the scope of the gig description. If you want XXX, then I can offer this to you as a gig extra for $XXX and another XXX days to complete the delivery. If you do not want to proceed with the gig extra then I hope you are satisfied that the job has now been completed with skill under our original agreement.”

  4. While I understand that for sellers in certain countries $5 is a fair hourly rate, in my experience (and the collective experience of many sellers on this forum), offering gigs for $5 attracts buyers who are more likely to be trouble. Certainly when I doubled my minimum rate several years ago, the quality of buyer I attracted improved.

I hope my thoughts help new sellers.


Brother it’s very hard to satisfied some client.

Vary much informative…

In help center there is options for both buyer’s and seller’s. You should select seller’s. There you could find informations regarding seller’s protection.

Thanks a lot such an amazing information