Buyer sabotaged me


Hey guys.

So, I have this returning customer, that has always been a little impolite to me, and expected me to do everything for special prices. I always tried to be polite and also gave him special some prices, and he was very satisfied and kept returning. Now this week, I did not have time to translate a big document for him. That is why I have also placed my account on “vacation mode”, because I am really busy this week.

When I told him that I cant help him this week, he got so mad and started threatening me with leaving 1-star reviews. I kindly told him that he has to find someone else, since I am seriously really busy. Then he went back to previous orders and left 1-star reviews on all 3 of them. I can assure you that he was always satisfied with those orders, since he kept returning and asking for more, but when I wasn’t able to do the translation for him this week, he went back and left a bad review on them, just to sabotage me.

I have been working day and night to make sure that my customers are 100% satisfied. I also had a 100% positive rating before this, but now he sabotaged me with the 1-star reviews. In the review he accused me of using an automatic translation software and also accused me of not being a native speaker, just to sabotage me. I can provide clear evidence that not a single one of them were auto-translated and that I am a native speaker.

I contacted Fiverr Support, and they did not want to help. They just told me that they take the buyer’s experience extremely seriously and will not remove the feedback.

Guys, what should I do?


Do you mean that he changed previous reviews or hadn’t left reviews on those orders? Buyers cannot change reviews anymore unless the seller gives them permission. As far as what to do, you had your best shot when you contacted Support but you would have needed to really make a clear case for abuse.

If that didn’t get across to CS, there probably isn’t much else you can do. You could try and ask Support to have another agent double check your case, but don’t harass them or they’ll consider it spam. Other than that, you will pretty much just have to get more positive reviews from other buyers and move on. Good luck!


Sorry to hear this. There are no easy solutions when this happens. It’s best that you forget about it and focus on doing your best for other clients. Also, give a suitable response to the review, explaining your point of view, just like you have done here.


I just checked and all reviews were left 19hours ago. Had the buyer placed the orders at the same time?


Thanks for your reply. He hadn’t left any reviews on those orders, and then he returned to them and left a 1-star review. I can assure you he was satisfied with the work I did, since he was very happy and kept returning for more…


Those orders were placed a long time ago, however, he never left a rating. Now he got mad when I couldn’t help him this week, so he wen’t back there and sabotaged me by leaving a 1-star review…


Thanks for your reply. It is just so sad that customer support won’t help me, since it is so clear that the buyer is just trying to sabotage me…


Did you send to the CS a screenshot of your conversation in which this buyer threatens you? If not, create a ticket once again with all the details. It’s against the rules to blackmail.


A new ticket, or an update on the old one? Creating a new ticket on the same topic could be seen as spamming.


I always try the second time with a different CS worker. People in the CS have a different approach to certain issues. But if he is afraid, well, continue to the same ticket.


I am so sorry! That is just not right. Prices are already so reasonable here on fiverr. Buyers should respect all the hard work that is put in by sellers. I think your best chance is to reason with him. I know it seems hard or close to impossible based on how you describe him. Good luck!


If he threatened you, screenshot it and report it to Fiverr Support. They should take care of the rest for you.


I had a client who was always trying to get “special prices” from me. I remember it was when I first started Fiverr and I needed reviews so I would help him occasionally. Now that I’m getting a ton of orders and it is becoming harder to keep up with my BIG orders, I just ignore his messages. I actually get extremely offended whenever someone tries to barter my services.


Ok, definitely do screenshots of the threatening message and send it as a ticket. It sounds like the CS agent you were dealing with didn’t handle this very well, so try another one.

Also, when someone is being abusive to me, I always use that “report” button that’s in the messaging box. CS always takes that seriously. And this really is abuse.

And last but not least, you’re better than this. When a client starts being a pain in the *** right away, he won’t stop. Just say no. I always say no when I sense something like this. I have about 650 awesome reviews in total and still the other day someone messaged me saying: What would you as an “expert” advice me to do, LOL!

Clients have a lot of rights, but they do not have the right to disrespect us. Don’t allow it.


You need to build a really good case for CS to do anything. It sounds as if you have a good case, so what you need to do is pull it all together and present it as if you were in court. You need to take screenshots and catalogue everything. Point out the part of the ToS the buyer disobeyed. Create a timeline. Attach all your proof to your ticket with CS.
If you don’t think you have the skills to do this, consider hiring someone.

In the meantime, reply to all the 1-star reviews with a professional response explaining what happened. Maybe try and find some negative reviews on TRS or level 2 seller accounts who have a lot of reviews and look at how they’ve responded.


Me too … I’ve realized that buyers don’t actually value what they buy here most of the time… especially when its below a $15 pricetag. I had somebody come at me the other day and tell me something like…

“We see you’re not as popular as some of the other video sellers here… Look at this guy! … We helped him go from nothing to super seller! And we can do the same for you. Just do everything for us at 80% off and we’ll flood you with orders!”

I told him to go to hell , go straight to hell , do not pass go , do not collect $200…


I will offer my advice on the situation.

CS is too busy to help you. Go find another way to enact justice.

Hint: People don’t like youtube video blog-style reviews about them… especially when you know SEO.

Just be careful not to make threats. But fair warnings seem to work…


Thank you to all of you who answered. I have tried everything and CS won’t help me at all. They keep sending me the same answer over and over again. It feels like I am being answered by a machine. I have 5-star ratings from each and every other customer that has rated my work. However, this guy left four 1-star reviews, and now I have a 96% positive rating. If you guys have any more tips, I would be really grateful. However, it seems like this guy has totally sabotaged my reputation. Orders have slowed down and no one even contacts me anymore. This is so unfair. I tried contacting the buyer and tried to discuss with him, however he simply ignores me. He also prefers to leave the feedback there instead of me giving him back the money for the orders (120$)…



Truly sorry to hear this, I feel for you.
Honestly, I have had similar situations over a year ago when my account was only starting, and have made a decision to always do the best of my ability to make sure a rude client (back when I was desperate for orders) is satisfied, and will continue to work with him afterwords.

Today, if by any chance I did let a rude customer slip into my orders, or a client has become rude during an order, I again do my best to have the order delivered with exceptional quality, and encourage him to leave a review, close the order, and allow us to move on to the next project one this one is finished.

Once all is well, I inform the client that I no longer will continue working with him.

This made sure I received an honest review, and that I will never work with this buyer again.

Hope this helps ! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your answer. Thank you for the tips. Those tips will surely help me in the future. However, they really do not help my situation at the moment. I am just so p*ssed at customer support. I guess I will have to move on and just continue grinding. However, I just don’t understand why they can’t use a little common sense and dig into the case a little further, instead of providing me with the same answer over and over again: “Please note that we only remove feedback that violates our Terms of Service, or when the buyer requests us to do so without solicitation or manipulation from the seller, none of which is the case with this order.”