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Buyer said designs are basic and send a dispute

Buyer said designs are basic and send a dispute even I do a lot of effort a whole day,what should I do now?

Well, regardless of how much time you spent on them, are they basic?

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no designs are really good,even i was expecting a positive response but she send a dispute

Exactly, something you may consider well done could be considered poor work to the buyer, ask them what they are looking for.

even she didn’t send me all the requirements

If Buyer asked for Basic and you did, then you should decline !

And if she thinks it as a basic, ask her what she really wants and give it one more try if you think you can fullfill!

if Job done matches order requirements you should decline cancellations and seek help from CS !

hhmmm. go go gadget revision

but i didn’t want to work with her again.

Then ask yourself two questions.

  1. Did you deliver to the requirements?
  2. Is the quality of your design the same as those of your portfolio?

If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then you’re fine and the order shouldn’t be cancelled. However if either one of them is a no, then they have every right to request an order cancellation, and you should accept it.

The client doesn’t think so, that may or may not be your problem.

Then Simply accept the Cancellation and move on ! thats the best way I can suggest !
CS will either ask you to revise or cancel ! its better to cancel earlier then after revision !

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