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Buyer said he "REPORT" Me

hello community,
i just wanted to share with you guys that buyer said he will report me just because i refuse to work on second project with him.
i have a very bad experience working with him on first project. He ask me to do only one thing and i did it exactly like he wanted. after first delivery he started to wanted other things new things which he did not tell me first time when he place order. i add 2 and 3 new things which he wanted with same budget but he did not stop. he order for just one thing and then wanted new 5 to 6 things. i did it all to just to complete order.
now today he message me again and want me to do 2nd project for him but i refuse.
than he said me.
(******** )
(I will surely report you )
what should i do now?

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Report that buyer message to CS, Open Ticket and share this same message to fiverr CS and they will help you out…
Dont worry about getting reported buyer , you have done nothing wrong buy saying “NO”, you have a right to choose your Buyers !


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You need to remove the buyer’s name from that screenshot. Totally wrong to name and shame.

I suggest you read Fiverr’s TOS and the forum rules.

sorry i did not know about this,
i remove the screen shot.
i did know about this,

You report him for threatening behaviour - it’s very simple.

Even if he does report you, you then tell Fiverr customer support that the only reason he came back for a second order was because he was happy with the first one!

Think about it logically, no buyer will make a second purchase if they were unhappy with the first order. It doesn’t make any sense.

Your buyer is just trying to frighten you. Well done though for refusing him.


For inspiration:


He’s a liar. Block & ignore him.

Report you for what? Refusing to work with him is absolutely legal & your right. :smirk::roll_eyes:

There are many :chestnut: jobs in this world and you just ran into one.

Good luck. :orange_heart:


Thank you for your support.

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