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Buyer said I will think about it yesterday

Hi, I am a new seller on Fiverr, A Buyer contacted me and asked for a sample video. So that he can give me work. I spent 2 hours making a video for him. Then, he said he partially liked the video but there are some mistakes. I told him that it is just a trial video and then I cleared everything that he mentioned as mistakes. Then, he said “I will think about it” and no response yet.
So, Should I contact him for asking if he has thought about it yet???
Please give me some suggestions.


Lots of scammers use this line to get free work. I can’t say for sure that this person was a scammer, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if you never receive any work from them.

Please give me some suggestions.

Hope that this person is honest and comes back to hire you, but be prepared for the worst.

There’s nothing else you can do. You can’t force the “buyer” to hand over any money, and Fiverr can’t help you because you didn’t do business according to the site’s Terms of Service.


stay with fiverr, I hope you get work.

You gave him free work so no he wouldn’t be inclined to come back and pay you for what he already got free.

Here is how this works: THEY PAY FIRST. Then you make the video and deliver it to them.


What value do you place on two hours of your time? I aim for a minimum of $25 per hour. That potential buyer (not buyer) has cost you $50.

As a seller you should have a concise portfolio of your work available on Fiverr that showcases the skills that you offer. That portfolio and the way you discuss a project with a potential buyer should be enough to secure a mutually acceptable deal. If it’s not, then your portfolio isn’t up to scratch, and / or the potential buyer is going to be a mare to work with. Alarm bells should ring at this point.

For your sake I hope the potential buyer is genuine and comes back and places an order. But if not - consider it a valuable lesson learned. Don’t offer free samples. What you thought was just a sample is probably good enough for the other person’s needs - and you probably won’t see them or their money ever again.


I wouldn’t recommend you doing sample stuff, at least I wouldn’t do. If someone is interested they can explain what they want and place an order. But in case you do a sample stuff, put your watermark over it, just in case. :slight_smile:

It mas a Top 5 people video and he asked a sample for only Top 5 and top 4, he cannot use it until it is complete
When I opened the video after sending, it automatically had a watermark on it

So, I should not message him??

It had a watermark? From who, what did the watermark say?

It had a watermark of FIVERR

Do not message him. He sounds like bad news. Seriously.

Maybe I sound stupid but I really want to message him and ask if you have thought?

Oh I see! Very nice of fiverr to protect sellers that way.

He knows how to contact you. It can be considered spamming if you contact him.

OK I will not message him
Thanks for your valuable advice

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Listen, we can’t really force you. Lol if you want to, do it. But he does NOT sound like someone who will be easy to work with. And if he is that interested he will contact you. But it’s up to you.

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OK I will never message him
Thank you so much for listening to me and giving me advice

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