Buyer said this happened


Just had buyer tell me this happened. Ideas?

"I tried booting the gig but Everytime I do it says “$0” and then says there was an error.




Perhaps you can clarify what “I tried booting the gig…” means? Gigs are not computer operating systems that can be rebooted when something goes wrong. :wink:

I think we need a little more information in order to effectively offer assistance.


I think he meant buying. Sorry, should have edited before I posted.


I think the buyer meant to say “Buying” instead of :boot: booting.
We posted at the same time. :smile:


Ah, I see. Yeah, “buying” makes more sense. :wink:

This could be a bug or error. I recommend contacting Customer Support having them take a look at the issue. This sort of thing is, unfortunately, not something that we here on the forums can help you or your potential buyer with.