Buyer say canceling the order! what to do?


Am new seller in Fiverr. three day ago I got a new order on coming soon under contraction totally following my buyer instruction. and am completely full file the job and send the buyer. buyer was say you need some change. and he give me a modification offer and am change the buyer following instruction.

After later he was tell me that perfect.then send him a massage. please give five star review it will make me inspiration. then Mr buyer send me a massage he says now you don’t follow my instruction. and send me a cancellation order.I don’t unintended what happen Mr buyer.

Now am confused if cancel the positive rating will going to down or something?what I can do now? please help me…


all I’ll chime in on is to say please don’t tell sellers to leave a five star review, it’s manipulative.


Don’t cancel, if you believe you’ve done the job as requested contact customer support.


Thanks for your advice.


At times this may lead to an endless array if modifications. The buyer may keep asking for modifications until in the end the you find the only way to stop is to cancel.


if i cancel the order. is it effect on my positive rating?


you have no ratings.


yeah I have no rating that way am confused!


Which positive rating? It will only affect your order completion rating