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Buyer saying i will accept now and also asking some which against TOS violation

The buyer is saying great work. I am impressed. I will accept it now. Then after every message in order page, he asked extra free works that Fiverr not allowed. I told him that, if you need another project, you need to accept my new offer. But he didn’t say anything.

after a few hours, again the same message, with great work. now he is asking for contact numbers and personal information. I denied that it goes against Fiverr TOS.

and after denying, he was again unresponsive. he came with something new TOS violation talking and not accepting my delivery. it’s on pending from 2 days even everything is correct. I have valid proof of his messages.

He is maybe doing it intentionally for trapping me.

need tips from experts.


he might be trying to scam you by getting things done for free. if he repeatedly tells you to you things against tos or threatens you, block him and/or send screenshots to customer support

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then the project will be cancelled by Fiverr ?right?

from what i’ve read on the forums, if they leave a bad review and you have proof of them being threatening to you, support will delete the review. though your order has already been completed, so if i were you i would just block them.

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thanks for the information. the buyer is the most confusing one. I gave all documentation text file how to use and everything and even from YouTube videos I collected maximum number of tutorials for his guideline. He is not checking and telling me to type those things to teach him. It’s all about payment integration and gmail stuffs. typing this also give alert.

such an embarrassing situation.

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Latest update:

I reported about him in Fiverr cs. After that, he started false accusing me . He stated that I delivered partial. After many arguing and insulting me he accepted the order and gave me good review. maybe it’s his nature.

Buyer should understand asking like whatever they want is not possible here. There is some TOS violation and valuing seller’s dedication. They should understand. Some ask more and more. the more you give, the more they want.


Good for you for standing your ground and getting the order accepted and reviewed! That’s awesome.

I suspect he was testing you to see what he could get away with and relented when he realized he couldn’t get away with this. Maybe he even felt guilty, seeing he was wrong.