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Buyer says he accepted the custom offer, but I am not getting a notification

I am a new seller here on Fiverr. Today one buyer messaged me to complete his work which is not related to my gig. so I create a custom offer. He messages me saying he has accepted my offer but I did not get any notification or any order in my email or my dashboard page. What money will I get if I finish the job? why I can’t see that he accept my custom offer?


If buyer accept your custom offer then you must have an active order in your dashboard.

Hello @shakilrafshan

Brother just check your Orders page if there is no active order. That mean the buyer didn’t accept the order. But every time some one order on Fiverr or accept custom offer then you will get order notification.

Now you can ask your buyer again to accept the custom offer.

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but i see my dashboard. but there have no active order. but why? he said that he accepted and gave me a screen shot also @shipon_it

i asked him . he told that he accepted the offer

Please try check this on your order page

@shakilrafshan can you show me a screenshot?

screenshot of the custom offer

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Custom offers can be sent in the inbox, so you should see it there. What is the status of the offer in the inbox? Do you still see the option available “Withdraw Offer”? If yes, then the buyer has not accepted your offer yet. Another way to see it is in your Dashboard area where you can see all your open orders. If you see this one, then it has been accepted.

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@shakilrafshan you can also follow @mjaninea instruction

yes. still i see “withdraw offer”. it means he doesn’t accept my offer? @mjaninea

can i give you screen shot?

Yes, then it means he still hasn’t accepted your offer. Maybe the buyer is new and does not know that he needs to click on it to accept it and maybe he only told you “I confirm” thinking it was enough.


no the buyer is not new. he already completed his 3 tasks with other someone. @mjaninea

Maybe it’s his first time to order from a CUSTOM OFFER. Anyway, no problem. Just send him a message informing him that the order hasn’t started yet and the offer doesn’t appear to be confirmed yet.

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This sounds like a fraudulent buyer trying to take advantage of a new / inexperienced seller.

We’ve seen this sort of activity reported in the forms before.

Fraudulent buyers target new sellers because they tend not to know the rules or can be easily encouraged to do work for free.

Unless you have an active order showing on your orders page, then he has not accepted the custom offer. You are under no obligation to do any work. To be 100% clear, without an active order - you will not get paid.


Maybe he didn’t accept your custom offer but told you that he accepted the offer because he is trying to take advantage of you.

You got that. The buyer didn’t accept your custom offer.

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