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Buyer says he accepted the custom offer, but I'm not getting a notification


So a buyer contacted me, we both agreed on a quote.
I sent him a custom offer. Very quick, nice and easy.
I waited for a whole day but it seemed like the buyer was not accepting the offer, so I messaged him asking if he is still interested. He messaged me and he seemed puzzled, saying that he had already accepted the offer and got the notification from Fiverr. It said nothing on my dashboard, so we decided to try again. I withdrew the offer and resent another offer, and again he replied within minutes along with a screenshot, showing me that he has accepted the offer and that he was notified by Fiverr. NOTHING on my part, no messages, no new gigs, no messages. I asked him to place an order the normal way, and again the same thing happened.

Is anyone else having the same problem???


Yeah couple of users are having problems on order placement. Contact CS. They might help you…


Contact CS, they will surely fix it.


Could it be that he didn’t fill in the order requirements?


Fiverr seems to be having issues with payment sometimes. This happened to a client of mine too and they had to contact customer support to get it fixed.
Tell the client to contact support with the screenshot he sent you. He should also check if he has been charged twice.


Yep @eoinfinnegan is right. Buyers are facing problems these days. Looks like another so called “Quick coffee biscuit” break is on its way.


There are a few messaging bugs going on at the moment. I have had to send a few messages and attachments twice for the buyer to be able to see them. Very strange.


well I contacted CS, a staff replied pretty quickly asking for a screen shot, I did, and he replies saying
"After further review of your case we have seen that all is well, try resending another offer"
I try it, and boom, again, nothing.

What upset me a little is that this CS staff just went ahead and marked the ticket as resolved,
he could have waited until I actually told him things were OK…
not sure what he meant by " all is well."

I resent another ticket, I hope I can get answers this time…:sweat:


This is because once a ticket is assigned, a customer support agent gets evaluated on the time it takes them to resolve the issue, so they close it quickly like that to stop the timer.

Same situation we sellers are in, in regards to the speed of the delivery.

So you can just add your next response to the ticket to reopen it again.


I’ve had buyers telling me they could not accept an offer a few times lately. One tried multiple times to place an order during a week and could not for some reason.


Dang, really?? This morning CS got back to me and said that it seems like the buyer did indeed receive the notification, but did not ACCEPT the offer.

Either the person does not know how to accept it, or is not able to accept it for some reason.

I’ve never received a custom offer before so I don’t know, but do you know how it works??
I’m guessing that there must be a button or something you can click on that says “accept offer” or something.

My buyer sent me a sceen shot of the notification he received, but I don’t see any “accept” button, even though I do see a “view offer” button.
Does the buyer need to click on the view offer button and then click “accept”?


I wish I knew the answer to that. It could be on the app? People have had problems accepting offers on the order page because there was no accept button, or accepting cancellation requests.

That looks like they need to click on the view offer button.


It seems like the seller did try, but still not working. The buyer contacted CS too, so hopefully we can get this fixed by tonight. Thank you for your reply and suggestion, I messaged the buyer to try checking it on his PC instead of the phone. :slight_smile:


Came here to say this! Some of my Buyers have been having issues (during the AWS crash) so I’d contact CS for them to look into it further.


OK, well, the order went through…for now. PHEW!!
Not sure what the problem was after all, but time to get to work!!

Thank you everyone!