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Buyer says he doesn't like my work but asks for another order

A couple days ago I got an order from a buyer asking to turn a PDF sketch into a HTML+CSS page. I delivered it, then he responds saying he’s disappointed and that it wasn’t worth the wait. He says it looks like a page from the mid 90s (even though I used shadows, rounded corners and proportional scaling which weren’t even thought of in the 90s), when I asked him to tell me what exactly he didn’t like, he just tells me “the mid 90s design”. He then asks me to make it look exactly like the pdf he sent me, I do so, he accepts my order, but here’s the weird part: now he asks me if I can do another order. Why would he ask me to do another order if he didn’t like my work? Have you had a client like this? What should I do, should I accept the offer?


I think you should just go with your intuition.


I think you should decline the offer.I know such type of people.They just irritate you alot.
Thank You!

I’m not sure I understand your argument.

You created a design but your buyer didn’t like it. Okay, fine. So you then revised it and redelivered it. This time your buyer accepted the delivery, I assume because he was happy with the revision.

Because he was happy with the service you offered - you listened to his feedback and then delivered on his vision - you’ve now earned his trust.

So now he wants to work with you again. That doesn’t sound like a problem. That sounds like basic business.


I don’t think I expressed myself correctly, he wanted me to turn his sketch to a more final design, not exactly like his pdf file. He also asked me to send him some designs I’ve done in the past, then said I’m not very good at design (every one of my clients liked my design and some worked with me multiple times). Obviously not everyone has to like my design, but I just find it strange he wants to work with me again.

If he accept your First order He is seems to be not a scammer. he will probably like to work with you more. but in my experience, I will NOT accept his orders again. because if you feel uncomfortable with his first order and sounds like his was not cooperated to get edits nicely. so it’s simple, why I should work more with an uncomfortable buyer ?

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I think some buyers do this to make you do more effort next time they work with you,im not saying this is the case in your situation but maybe i mean who knows…

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Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. He got you to do a design: you did it as described; then he got you to do a different design from scratch for no extra payment.

Refuse and block.

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Don’t work with him again, it’s a risk. Of course any buyer is entitled to not like my style or my work. But I’m just as entitled to not want to work with people who don’t like my style or my work.