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Buyer says he is pleased with order but has not approved it?

Hi Folks,

I started offering gigs on Fiverr about two weeks ago. In order to get my first sales, I am offering my work at $5 to be delivered in 24 hours.

A buyer ordered a product description from me yesterday which I delivered earlier today. About an hour ago, he placed another order for a product description. In that new order form, he thanks me for great work on the previous order.

The thing is, although he has placed a second order from me, he has not marked the first order as complete. The first order is due in about two hours.

I wrote him and said I was glad he was pleased with his first order and I asked whether he has approved the order and marked it as complete. He has not yet answered. Meanwhile, the timer is ticking on the second order he has placed. It’s due in 23 hours.

Have any of you had this happen to you? Could I be worrying for nothing?


Don’t worry - the order will auto-complete in 3 days - the buyer doesn’t have to leave feedback etc. Just get on and do your second order.

This might help you:

Good luck!


I’ve started work on the 2nd order. But I was just wondering if, after I deliver that 2nd order to him tomorrow, he would just cancel both orders saying he is unhappy with my work. I just thought it strange that he would describe my first order as great work yet not mark it as complete. Guess it’s all just part of operating in the online freelance world?

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On the other hand, he could love both orders and give you glowing reviews, which I hope he does!


Hopefully! lol

Well, we’ll find out by tomorrow afternoon :slight_smile:

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Maybe he just forgot to mark it as completed or he doesn’t know how to do this?

Only weird thing I see here from your post is that you said that timer is still counting. Did you officially deliver work or only send it via message?

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@matevzs1 Ouch!

First order was officially delivered earlier today.

Timer has started on his 2nd order which I have started working on.

aha, ok then there is no problem. If you check your delivered gig, it says on top, that it is delivered and if buyer do not respond in 3 days it will be marked as finished. :slight_smile:

Well, me, I find it strange too, if that helps :wink: but stranger things have happened. Since it´s fast delivery I guess it´s no big amount/time spent, so I´d not worry either but deliver the 2nd gig and see what happens. I don´t see a good alternative either way, you don´t want the 2nd gig to run late.

What ever happens talk politily to the buyer. Even refunding

Where does the refunding come in?

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I had a buyer who placed ordered by order 4 times in a row. After every delivery he would slap me with another order. 3 times he did this but on completing the forth then the reviews begun popping up. I was like…
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Don’t worry. I have some buyers who hardly ever talk to me but order time and time again, never complete the order, never leave a review. But they do pay well :slight_smile:


Some buyers never mark orders complete, no matter how often you work with them.
I got a few of them. Because of this it always takes 3 days longer until you get your money, but at a certain point this will not bother you anymore.
I also noticed that some buyers are totally unaware of the fact that they can mark an order complete. Sounds weird but it’s true.


Yep… I’ve got a buyer who has never left a feedback, and she’s a repeat. Being a repeat shows she values my service, but that’s that. So, @screenscribe I guess it depends on the individual, and some don’t feel up to it. From your profile, though, it seems the person has left them? I see 3 reviews from same person.


@rainny_writer That’s a different buyer, my first customer actually. She marked her orders as complete.

I’m not really worried about the reviews. I know those are optional.

It’s just that the thought crossed my mind whether this guy had intentions of making me write his product descriptions and then cancelling the orders. But I guess I’ll find out in a couple hours!

Thanks everyone for coming forward and sharing your stories.

These online freelance sites have their pros and cons and it’s good to know there is a sense of community and willingness to help among the freelancers using the sites.

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Hi @screenscribe,
Did you complete the second order?
I had same “problem”… On first order, the buyer didn’t answer, didn’t leave a review and after 10 days he contacted me for a new order and after that give me perfect review and bonus tip.
So, I hope that you have the same situation. Everything will be ok!
Just work hard, everything is possible here!
Have a nice day for all!

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Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face: