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Buyer says he loved my gig - gave my gig 3.5 stars anyway

I think Fiverr should have a binary review system, either thumbs up or thumbs down because I just got my first “negative review”… I sold gig’s spanning hundreds of dollars each and I only got 5 stars so far, then I get a “negative” review on a $5 gig and pisses me off, bye bye 100% positive reviews! The reason? The buyer felt like it… He really liked what I’ve done but decided to give me 3.5 stars regardless… This feels incredibly unfair!

I talked to the buyer and he sent me messages that I simply didn’t get on my inbox… Damn you Fiverr!

So, I just had a buyer leave a 3.5 star review and the automatic “Satisfactory Experience” feedback. When I asked him what the issue was, he informed me that he’d given me five stars on communication and “service as described,” but had given me one star on “would buy again or recommend” because he doesn’t need to buy again.

I get it, this is a reading comprehension issue as much as it is an issue with the criteria, but I feel like there should be a little more direction when it comes to the rating process if this many buyers are having trouble understanding 1) the impact of their ratings, 2) what the criteria actually means, and 3) how to evaluate their experience based on that criteria.

Reply to @lucyagag: or maybe he sent you msgs on the order page and you looked them up in your inbox which are totally different places.

I feel for you. I really do.

Reply to @ricksper: Uh, the buyer wasn’t exactly wrong! I just didn’t get his messages because Fiverr… This is the second time I have this issue! :frowning:

3.5 stars a negative review? Hardly. Thumbs down? Now that’s a negative review.

Try to explain your buyer that anything below 5 star is considered as negative review here. Once you get consent of your buyer to make it 5 star, send a screenshot of conversation to Customer Support. They will change it to 5 star :slight_smile:

Reply to @emasonwrites: It’s funny how some people think! So not fair!

When I deliver a Gig, I always instruct my buyers to send any correspondence to my IN box rather than leave notes on the Gig page due to the fact that page “goes away” once I deliver - I don’t go back looking at it. I haven’t had an issue 99% of the time with buyers following this.

Do you have a smart phone? If so, download the Fiverr app - this thing has been invaluable to me in regards to getting notifications when someone orders, marks an order completed, or sends a message to me. I also have my Fiverr mail going to gmail, so I get alerts on my phone when I get a new email on there which saves me the grief of “missing” out on a client who is writing to comment on the service I provided or ask me a question about my service.

I can also see how someone may mark a 1 or 2 star on the “would buy again” criteria. If they don’t need any further help or service from your Gig, why would they buy again? They are being honest, BUT, it is written poorly! They should either leave that part out or rewrite it to say, “Would use this service again if needed”…something along those lines.


This just happened to me. It’s so disappointing and unfair!