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Buyer says he mistakenly placed Order


Hello Everyone,
Recently I received an order and after that buyer opened a dispute saying"I just mistakenly placed the order kindly cancel it".
I am new here and I don’t know what to do.
Does this affect my profile?
Please suggest me the best possible solution.
I am waiting for your response.
Have a nice day!


Yes cancellations will affect your profile. This happend to me a few times i contacted customer support but they tell me every cancellation will affect your profile even if it is a buyer mistake its very unfair but i think you have no other choice than cancel it.


I wish, Fiverr could add something like this before an order starts: “Are you 100% sure that you are buying the right gig?” or a checkbox “I am not placing this order by mistake”


Since you’re new here, I think it wouldn’t hurt much to cancel the order (provided you haven’t started working on it). If you have already done a good portion of the work, then I’d suggest that you refuse the order cancellation and contact CS (apprise them of your situation).

In order to prevent (or at least minimize) such instances from recurring, you could add a small sentence to your profile description/gigs asking prospective buyers to contact you first (before placing an order).


Thanks @boyy1993x.
Your suggestion is much appreciated.


I didn’t do any work.the buyer not submitted any requirement just opened a dispute saying"I placed the order mistakenly kindly cancel it".


Atleast it should not affect the seller profile.:grinning:


Oh, hmm… In that case, unfortunately, I don’t think you have any other option than to cancel the order. However, instead of accepting the buyer’s cancellation request, I would suggest that you contact Fiverr’s customer service team and inform them of your situation and kindly ask them if they could cancel the order for you without it reducing your cancellation % (it may or may not work… but hey! you at least tried, right?) :slight_smile:


Many sellers said you have to cancel it even if you contact the support they will say to cancel it there is no another way.
So I choose to cancel it my own and accept the dispute(Ummm). Badly


Well we just explained it to you.
You have to cancel this order anyway, there is no other option. But you can either reply on the dispute and then it will affect your cancellation for sure or you can try your chances with fiverr support. (They will cancel it for you anyway but at least there is a chance that they will cancel it without affecting your rating)


Nice idea, you can do this


please don,t cancel.


Even with this, some buyers will still place an order without contacting the seller anyway. Nice idea though


Don’t cancel. Just finish and deliver order timely. and tell him “Please think about my rank”.


@farhan_j I think you missed out on reading post # 6.


Sorry, I did not read post # 6. Before one of my buyer ask for cancel order I tolled his about my rank and deliver order. At last buyer gave me #5. Another case one buyer place order without requirement, in that case fiverr don’t start time counting and ask me I need start or wait for requirement. I wait until get requirement. you can send massage to fiverr about order without requirement.