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Buyer says he published the REVIEW after completion

there is an issue I am facing, my buyer says he published the review after completion of order but neither his review is being shown nor mine is asked about him, now he is asking me that he has published the review and it might be Fiverr’s technical issue. what is that?


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Technical issue or not, you should never bring up reviews with a buyer, as it’s considered ‘review manipulation’ and is a violation to the Terms of Service that’s you’ve already agreed to.


kindly guide me here, i come to your gig, we completed a order (you as a seller) and i didn’t rate my experience as i want to use it as leverage. now i ask you to work for me in a much less amount than your published rate for that particular service, here you have 2 choices,

1: work for me for next 4 orders and give me 5 chances to rate you as low as 1star,
2: decline and get 1star rating even after you’ve done an excellent job. (being a new seller that would effect your rating severely)

In this case you can report that buyer and messages to CS and they’ll help you.
But you are not allowed to discuss or ask reviews as its against fiverr TOS…


yes, that’s what i did, i was just cofused because for the 1st time after the completion of the project i wasn’t asked to rate the buyer,

There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review.

Best always just to leave it and move on.


That means that buyer didn’t left you any reviews and may be he saved it to blackmail you as you explained ?
As far as I know buyer can not leave you feedback after 10 days of order completion so if you think any one doing this you can wait to start new order with him, but when you are sure Just block him and stop working for them !!

No possibility makes it appropriate to accept work from a blackmailer.

And you know what? No blackmailer turns out to be a decent, reasonable buyer.


You can’t rate a buyer until they rate you.

Regardless, report them to CS for attempting to blackmail you and then block them. Nothing is worth working with someone like that. CS may cancel the order, but at least your account won’t be negatively affected.