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Buyer says he would make multiple accounts to review me

I am working with a buyer and he has bought a lot from me and has 12 orders to be done this week.

He said he would make Multiple Accounts to rate and review me so all my reviews are not from one username (I am new). Again, it is his offer I never asked him. In response I told him it would be good to have reviews from multiple usernames but I didn’t ask him to do it. I just said it would be good. He is not asking for any sort of discount or whatsoever, he is just pleased by my work and wants to help me get more work.

I want to know, am I risking my account to get suspended? If yes I would politely ask him not to do so, I am really confused can someone pls guide me?

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Why would a buyer go to such great lengths (and lose so much time) to create multiple accounts and “design” your reviews?! Why would he help a new seller have different reviews? That just doesn’t make any sense :confused:

There’s something not smelling right here :smirk:

If you explicitly agree to do that, it can be seen as review manipulation, which is strictly forbidden and can have a bad result on your gig and account.

And if by any chance your buyer has an IP that resembles yours, then it could make it look like you are trying to manipulate your own reviews and Fiverr will think that the buyer could actually be you, which would be worse!


He sounds like a great guy! How nice there are people in this world who would go out of their way to help a stranger by making multiple accounts to give a lot of reviews to a new seller!

I don’t believe a word of this. No don’t make multiple accounts to give yourself fake reviews. You don’t need to do that to be successful and it will cause your account to be banned.


I tried to be really subtle in my post, then you just said it out loud :rofl:


It’s just so blatant and obvious why not? I’m fed up.


Thanks for your replies and kindly restrain from “ASSUMING” stuff.

I know its hard to believe but I am being honest here, cant prove it though…

Making my own accounts and buying from myself would be really stupid. Fiverr cuts 20% so why would I waste my money…

Plus I am charging him decent money, didnt offer any discount or whatsoever…

We are not assuming anything.

You are actually openly admitting right here on the forum that you are considering something that breaks ToS just to boost your gig. If customer support finds out -and they will- do you think they will just punish the buyer?

Or will they go through your conversation and see that you actually liked the idea?

And you also did not say no to your shady buyer, you actually implied that his proposal is not a bad idea.


Oh well if its breaking ToS Ill say no to him.

Thats what I wanted to know…

Have you ever read the ToS?

It’s a good read and I highly recommend it.

But seriously, did it not occur to you that gaming the system is not allowed? You had to come here for that?

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Actually you can prove it by sending screenshots, I am not asking you to do so, just telling you that there is a way to prove it. If the buyer is so pleased with your work he or she should try spreading the word instead of trying to work the system. When fiverr notices that the same buyer has several accounts to boost a sellers rating, they will… I don’t know what they will do but you can be assured they will do something.


What? I read it. I am not “Gaming” the system, buyer said that, I never asked him, did you read my post?

I messaged him and told him its against fiverrs ToS. I would recommend not doing that.
I am not responsible for what he does next… I told him and asked him not to do that.


We know this won’t happen don’t we?

Well you cant read my conversation with him, but fiverr can, right? LOL If a ban happens you wont ban me fiverr can, and they can read all my conversations… From the very start…

Ill post a screenshot anyway…

Maybe it’s a burn after reading situation

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Here is something that might be new to you. We are experienced sellers.
We got here by following the rules. We know fiverr does not play games when someone breaks the rules. Those Terms Of Service mean it. It’s not just words.

We hear from sellers who are whining almost every day their accounts got banned.
It gets old hearing from so many new sellers who are breaking rules constantly so we get somewhat testy about it.

The point is that all of the successful long term sellers got here by following the rules.

The ones who have to break rules like the rule about creating multiple accounts to give yourself reviews are the ones who either get banned or can’t make any sales.


Look, you can try and change your story now.


You came here asking if that sort of this would get your account into trouble.

Which by itself is pretty worrisome. Because that meant you were actually considering it.

You said you didn’t ask for it, but told them it would a good thing. That’s what I commented on, I don’t think you tried to do it yourself, I said you considered gaming the system that way -having your buyer do the dirty work on his own- and I also commented on how you needed to come here to ask if a shady thing would get you into trouble.

Which is something you should be able to figure out without us. -since you have read the ToS and all-