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Buyer says he'll report me

The whole story in short is, 15 days ago a potential buyer messaged me with three machine learning problems and asked if I could solve it using Python, SQL, JSON, MongoDB and I replied yes and started working after he accepted my offer,

The next day I submitted the solution to the first problem, the buyer sent a revision request and showed me a few comment on a project rubric which my solution didn’t pass, I asked where was the rubric from and he replied it was a problem from Udacity, I need to fulfill all requirements there, which was never mentioned in the job description.

The initial order was to solve the problem but now the task was to write brief summary, conclusion, visualize the data, review from three friends, write detailed comments in code etc.

The buyer said without the compilation of all the tasks he won’t complete the gig, since I’m new to Fiverr and thought a bad review can ruin my reputation, I kept working on the problem and after 6-7 days I successfully completed all the requirements, Udacity accepted the solutions and he gave me a good review with five star rating then completed the order.

After 15 days, Yesterday he messaged me with a screenshot, he got kicked out of Udacity for plagiarism and he thinks my solution had something to do with it which it can be, Cause Udacity honor code doesn’t allow someone else’s code to be submitted. Now he is asking for a refund and threatening me that he is going to complain to Fiverr support if i don’t do so.

What should I do?


Tell him this:

I did much more than the job required as a favor to you. If you have a problem on some site that is not my problem.

Just say that much to him and then say not another word at all no matter what he says.

When someone threatens you it is best to not engage in a conversation with them and just ignore them beyond what I told you to say.

Let him complain about you. You have done nothing wrong at all. You have nothing to worry about. DO NOT REFUND HIM!


Tell him “Sorry, you requested I solve the problem and I did that for you.”

You didn’t do anything wrong, and since he already rated you, he can’t change that rating.

When he goes to CS, I suspect they are going to tell him he can’t do that. He could reverse the charge via PayPal, but that would delete that account for him. (Not a big deal for some buyers.)

He would get a refund that way, but his current review and your ratings will stay intact.

You did the work, you deserve to get paid. (But life is not always fair… so he might be able to work around that…)


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I am a bit worried cause if my Fiverr account gets banned or something like that I’ll be in a lot of trouble :frowning:

Okay, Thank you for your time and kind reply :slight_smile:

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You have not violated any rules to get banned for. You have done nothing wrong.

It is not your fault if the buyer has a problem on another site.

The only one at fault is your buyer for threatening you. That is strictly forbidden and you can report him to customer support for that. In fact if you take screenshots of his threat to you, you can then inform customer support about this and tell them exactly what you said here, but first take a screenshot of the threat and put that in your message to customer support. It’s up to you if you want to do that but if you are really worried you can do this and it will help to show that he is the one that is wrong, not you.


I entirely agree with what others have advised you. Tell him that you did the work and that you cannot help him further. Stay very polite and professional. Don’t refund him. As @misscrystal said, collect evidence as needed to:

One other piece of advice I would offer is this: If you ever get an order again where you realize the buyer intends to use your work on a 3rd party site like Udacity, disengage from that situation. I don’t mean buyers who resell, I mean buyers who intend to turn your work in for any kind of school, certificate, prize, etc.

Fiverr has been making an effort to get rid of gigs that provide work for that kind of thing since the buyer may be doing something unethical. For your own safety, you want to avoid them. Hopefully you can catch on before you even take an order and tell the buyer you are unable to take the order. If you do take an order and realize it later, cancel it or contact Customer Support and explain it to them and they can cancel it or advise you. Good luck!


I agree that you did the work and should not refund. I also agree that if someone asks you again to do their homework, say no. I used to have a gig answering questions about geology but almost every person who inquired was asking me to do their homework. I always said no and finally deleted the gig when someone asked for a custom offer to take their entire online course.

I doubt the buyer was kicked out because of your work. I bet they had lots of people doing their homework and got caught.

Good luck!

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I think you should refund him because if he report to Fiverr support ,your gig must be harm. fiverr always support to buyer priority.

before few month a buyer was also asking for a refund and threatening me that he is going to complain to Fiverr support.
he was give five star review to me and after one month of completed work he gave extra work by inbox,

but i did not agree with him , he was report to Fiverr support and my gig lost 95% impression and view.

HI, @shane153 , If the sellers provide service as they committed, then i think the client cannot complain or Fiverr will not care about the complaint. Keep in mind that, fiverr is not only for buyers but also, it’s equality for everyone

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@rajugreenlover, after report by buyer he will see it. how quick his sales down.
its happened to me for this i share it.



You cal also contact with fiverr support & tell them the full story. Then if the buyer will contact with them, they will give him/her a good answer.


A report never ever cannot make sales down. if the sellers deliver right job, then buyers report will not accepted. Down sells are not related with any report if sellers are right.

if any seller got good review, great rating, and deliver job within right time, then sells will be automatically increase.

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@msrsuvo may be its best solution.


This is a terrible way to start your time at Fiverr. I’m sorry it turned out like that, but it’s sadly not surprising. Just live and learn :smile:

I always have to make sure I get every detail from buyers before they start an order. When I first came here a few years ago, I had similar issues. Buyers would ask for my quote on “simple editing” but once I delivered, I found out they actually wanted their 25k word travel guide totally rewritten because it wasn’t theirs to begin with.

Usually, I find sending a message clarifying/re-stating everything that I will do for a certain price clears up the matter. You can save a quick response for future use that looks like this:

"Hi there,

Here’s your quote for [service name]. It will be [price] total and I can have it all to you by the [delivery date]. I’ll send a custom offer for this amount in a moment.

Here’s what this offer includes:

  1. [Thing]
  2. [Thing]
  3. [Thing]
  4. [Thing]

If you need something else, please let me know before you accept my offer.

[Your Name]"


Fiverr says. If client is not satisfied with your services you cannot withdraw revenue services. No matter if client request refund after 3 months. No Matter if client is satisfied or not. No Matter if you gave quality work or not. No matter if client has already provided negative ratings after completed!

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really!!! its good for us

I think you’re being a little over-dramatic. Buyers cannot request a refund three months after an order is completed, nor are they allowed to demand a refund after they’ve posted a review. Buyers cannot post a review AND have be granted a refund. They cannot have both. That’s just not how Fiverr works.


This is definitely not true if you have a history of happy buyers. They do not give a refund after 3 months. They do not give a refund if you have proof the buyer was happy with your work.

Fiverr can tell right away who is at fault, whether it’s the buyer or seller.


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