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Buyer says his "Client" doesnt like work

I do voice-over work. Having spent several hours on a gig, and then doing a revision, the buyer says his “client” doesnt like it. Does this mean we work for nothing if they dont like it?


It is against Fiverr’s ToS for a buyer to cancel an order if the buyer has received everything as described in your gig description or as described in your custom offer.

If I were you, I’d stand my ground and be firm while saying that — although it is unfortunate that the buyer’s client didn’t “like it,” there’s nothing much I can do about it because I have put my best effort into the project and that I have delivered the order just as described in my gig/custom offer.

If the buyer wants certain elements to be changed (so that it is to the liking of their client), they could always request for more revisions (paid or otherwise, depending on what you’ve mentioned in your gig).


Can you point me to the relevant TOS? The danger is of course bad feedback

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Sure! Here’s the part of the ToS which explains it:

I agree… While it may lead to the buyer leaving a negative review (which might affect you temporarily - 60 days), you DESERVE the hard-earned money that’s rightfully yours! If the buyer leaves a negative review, you will also have the chance of explaining yourself in your response to the buyer’s review (assuming Fiverr doesn’t implement the anonymous review thing before that).


Thanks for that most helpful. It leaves open the question of with whom do I have a contract to do the work? Fiverr or the Buyer? If, as I suspect, the buyer, then we should have access to their names and addresses in case of any legals.

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I am also a VO actor. Unfortunately, buyers like this are part of the game. Your buyer may be telling the truth, or they may be telling you this in hopes of you cancelling the order. This would leave them with the work they wanted all along and you with nothing.

I know that the thought of a bad rating can be tough, but you need to value your work and your time. If you delivered what was ordered, then there should be no reason for you to accept a cancellation. To do so would be a detriment to the rest of us VO actors as well.

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I decided to stand by my work. The buyer understood but gave me a ‘4’ rather than a ‘4’/ O can live with that.