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Buyer says "i did not place this order. please cancel and refund"

I sent a buyer requirement. To day I saw a notification that I have a order. I open it. it shows “ORDER NOT STARTED We are waiting for the buyer to submit the requirements.Until then, the countdown for this order will not start. Reminder Sent”. So I send the reminder. Then buyer sent a massage " i did not place this order. please cancel and refund".

Please any one tell what was that, what can I do for that, is that my Fault,
I’m really upset about that. This is my second order. I haven’t no idea about this kind on troubles.


capture some screenshot of ticking order. contact fiverr CS. tell them all, attach screenshots with.


Sometimes buyers work in groups, and one of them will place an order without the approval of the others. Then they end up canceling. :scream:

It is terrible for the seller because if you, the seller, cancels, then it is reflected in your stats. :cry:

I would not cancel.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I would let the order be. :zipper_mouth_face: Do not message buyer anymore.

I have an order that the buyer did not fill out the requirements and it has just sat there for about a year now. I know some sellers who have had orders just sit for years.:roll_eyes:

Of course, the buyer may still choose to cancel on their end. You will have to wait and see. :frowning:


thanks a lot. :heart_eyes:,

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And more than likely CS will cancel the order and your stats will be negatively affected. :hushed:


Thank you very very much. I think that is not my Fault. but as a new arrival. some little things Quickly become upset me. thank a lot again to Shared your experience. and advice.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


No, it is not! :slightly_smiling_face:

I looked at your account and you have no reviews, but I assume you completed your one order on time so your stats should be fine. If you or the buyer cancel this order then you will not be able to see buyer requests anymore. When I was a new seller that is how I got my work. Good luck to you on Fiverr. :four_leaf_clover:


Great question and great answers here. Thanks for sharing this!

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Thank again to your kindness…

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I have had that happen to me 5 times in one week and Fiverr will do nothing about it. NOW, Fiverr is also hiding buyer reviews until the seller places a review which seems unfair to sellers. How are we able to respond appropriately if we have no idea what they’ve said? This is no longer a seller friendly platform. They also allow buyer to get completed orders but then give them refunds without a reason. No sure what’s happening on Fiverr but it’s a little sad. They first started stripping away levels that were EARNED but now this.