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Buyer says "not satisfied" though i provide the best work

Hey everyone, Hope you are all good. I am a video editor. I got a buyer who says he is not satisfied though i delivered the best work. When i ask him how do you expect it to be and explain it, so that i can fix it as per his needs and requirements he doesn’t say anything about it. I have over 16+ 5 star rating on my profile. Just worried if he gives a bad review though i gave h the best output.


If the buyer still has revisions left, the he has priority to request modifications. Do as he says and fix the work to make him “more satisfied” than before.


Yes i told him to request for revision but he says “that’s okay”. How do you expect me to reach his expectations until and unless he lets me know how does he really want the order to be? So that i can fix it as per his requirements. I hate such buyers who doesn’t speak up and ask for what they really want. Can’t really help unless they open up and request for what they are looking for so that i can fix as per his desire.

Ask him what has to be changed or fixed. If he says that’s okay, then he will probably accept the order.

“That’s okay” probably means that you’re getting less than 5* out of this but the order will most likely be accepted. It probably also means that the end result is so far off from what they have envisioned that they’d prefer to start from scratch as opposed to revising.

It’s unfortunate but at least they don’t demand that you redo everything for free.

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Exactly same happened with me bfore some days. I deliver my satisfactory work as per the client requirements.
Now an interesting fact was- he was very clever as he was existing client here so after delivery of work, when he thought that he finally received his delivered work and he knew also that his delivered work is excellent so he wants his money back and he sent a dispute to CS ‘even i don’t know what’ and suddenly on the next day i got a notification that “fiverr customer support has cancelled your order”.
I was just like what is this. This was so clever client that he wants his delivered work as per his requirement and also by complaining to CS, he thought to get his money back. Even both of us knows that delivered work is fine and was satisfactory. It happened with me two times. :confused:

That is so unfair with sellers, Most of the Fiverr TOS are all with buyer’s point, i think they are not aware of the fact “without sellers their can’t be buyers”.

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I just hope he speaks up and asks for what he is looking for, though i don’t mind doing the whole work from start.

hahaha… I think such buyers are making use of Indians. However, we are clever too. :joy:

Exactly! :pleading_face: