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BUYER SCAM (Account Disable)

Today at 10:58

This is my Third time contacting Fiverr Customer Service . My last issues are open from a Week no replay yet . so here is the story my account was disable becuase some ******* buyer sent me harsh message and he report me instead i report him . i dont know what i have done wrong i want Customer Service Support Team to take a look at the full conversation
. Fiverr does not treat their seller good i realize today i mean if any one report me without any reason they will disable my account i dont why . i am Level one Seller . with all respect i need my account enabled . i have 400 $ in my Account . i thing fiverr scam users to take their money and disable accounts

Account Name :*************.
Email: *************.

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You can get your earnings after 90 days safety period. You will have to contact CS then.


Yes loopholes do exist in the customer support service and I previously pointed this out in my post on the forum. I think the best thing you can do is to make screenshots of your conversation with the buyer and clarify your problem in some clear words it send it to them . Hopefully it might get resolved

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Your account (bolahaseeb) looks active. I see no active gigs there, though. Or reviews. And there’s no level, either.

Did you have more than one account?

i create this account only to Contact Customer Support Team

Now my Account is disable how i gonna take screen shots

I need my account , as well

Screenshot_2020-06-21 bolahaseeb

You have created this account in 2017. That means that you did have 2 accounts (which is a Terms of Service violation), and one of them got disabled.


instead of pointing me to solution you are finding more problems checkout my gig for this account how much i have made from this zero 0 .thanks for harsh message

you are literally in loopholes. you have mistakes. learn to fix your mistakes at first , then try to show yourself as innocent.

You have multiple accounts which is against TOS. your account can disable for that also.

and you are telling lies.

There isn’t really a solution to this one I think. You are not supposed to have multiple accounts, whether you’re using it or not. Catwriter just pointed out that you had 2 accounts and that’s most likely the reason your account was disabled.

Other than that as also pointed out by another user you’ll have to wait to withdraw your remaining balance. Don’t worry, Fiverr is not scamming you.

It doesn’t matter. Having more than one account is strictly forbidden.

Sorry if it sounds harsh, but you did violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you got caught when the buyer reported you, and you got punished for it.

They could have permanently banned both of your accounts, but they’ve allowed you to keep this account instead.

What solution? If you have more than one account, all of your accounts could get permanently banned. That’s how it is.


As soon my Original Account is enable i am not gonna use this account i use it for purpose of contacting customer support team. how about your team fix that , if your account get disable there should be way to contact customer support team . i have not lost my mind to use new account getting buyers is not easy . all fiverr need is customers . if someone send you harsh messages on your account and you were reported by him , and your account get disable . why does fiverr AI algorathims are cheap if they do not know who is responsible , Dont point me to second account option just tell me why my account get disable , the email i recived say your account get disable for harsh messages . let me tell you i have not send harsh message as soon my account is enable i will make youtube video to show community how sellers are treated and show all messages between me and the guy who reported me

What is that @urdeke Fiverr is not Scamming you, check out this video

I think there is no solution and felt sorry for you brother

You violated TOS, now pay the price. Remember that you agreed to these terms.


Directly point me to TOS , i think you should read full conversation thats why fiverr pay you

This is forum, it’s sellers and buyers here, not Customer Support. Fiverr doesn’t pay any of us to read conversations.

When you signed up, you had to check the box stating that you have read the ToS and that you agree to be bound by them.

Here’s the link:

There are.

They’re taking more time these days, yes, due to the pandemic.

It still doesn’t mean you’re allowed to break the rules.

You can’t be certain that you will ever get that account back. Top Rated Sellers have lost their accounts for breaking the rules.

It’s not about whether you use it or not. You’re not allowed to have more than one account. Period.

There is. You can email them at


This video has absolutely nothing to do with your situation.

It’s alarming you don’t seem to realize that this is a big deal, and most likely the reason you’ve been banned, rightfully so.

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You won’t find anyone who works for Fiverr here since we are mainly sellers. I understand some people are telling you the harsh reality of how things work and you do not appreciate the feedback. I would be upset as well if I were in your shoes. However, I can’t help feel by reading your replies that your communication methods display a bit of attitude and sarcasm. Maybe you displayed these same traits during the conversation with the buyer who reported you, and in turn Fiverr did not take it lightly.