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Buyer Scam - Please help

I am new to fiverr and recently got 2 orders and for both i got 5 star ratings.
And then came this 3rd Buyer,
The buyer takes unfair unethical advantage of demanding new Architectural sketches through request revision Option.
I provided revisions option to Satisfy buyers by editing, adding or modifying my sketch to meet their requirements,
But this buyer Demand New architectural Sketches every time and so far he have recieved 3 Drawings from me ( All for 5$)
I am exhausted, as i have worked so hard for 2 days to provide him these, Now he demands another drawing.
Please help


Your gig includes the words ‘unlimited revisions’. These are the worst two words you can include in your gig description. It’s a classic rookie mistake. These words attract scammers like honey to a bee - as does offering complex gigs for just $5. Another rookie mistake. Two days for $5 and still the buyer isn’t happy?

You need to stop working for this buyer immediately. You need to tell them they’ve received what they paid for, and that if they continue to demand work that goes beyond the scope of the original gig then you will immediately report their actions to customer support.

Report them anyway: .

You say please help. The above should be obvious. Your buyer is abusing you. You stand up to bullies and abusers. You don’t let them walk all over you.


You can’t offer your buyers unlimited revisions. Some of them will keep asking for new revisions so they can keep all work.


If they’re asking for new work, that’s not a revision and should be treated as a new order.

See (FAQ) points 1, 2, & 3:


Also, abusing the Revision button to receive more than what was agreed upon in the order specifications violates the Terms of Service. You can tell the buyer that if they keep asking or start to threaten with bad reviews.

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Thanks, Everyone for Your valuable opinions, They meant a lot to me. I Reported this to Fiverr.
and I modified my gig using resolution center and demanded a higher price, Then the buyer asked me to withdraw that in exchange he will accept my work. I Agreed, Then he accepted my work and left a 3.3-star review. ( I gave him a 2-star review too), As a new seller recieving a lower rating after getting scammed, hurts. (My 5-star rating dropped to 4.7)
But, anyway… at least I Learned something… :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you everyone for your kind helps!


Sorry to hear about the review but at least you can move on from this buyer now.

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My rating have dropped to 4.4 not 4.7 as i have mentioned earlier. now I cant bid for a buyer requests, i dont know what to do

I think since you accepted the review over the cancellation, there’s not much left you can do other than hoping you get more orders to increase your rating again.
CS will tell you that the buyer has the right to rate their experience with you as they see fit.

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Is there anu other option than accepting buyers review?

Is there any other option other than accepting buyer’s review?

Cancelling or asking CS to cancel the order if the buyer refuses to accept.
If you kept working on this order, the buyer would probably continue to ask for additional work.

The review the buyer wrote is really mean though, this person doesn’t care about you at all, I’m sorry you had to go through this. I recommend responding to the review and write down what happened, that he kept asking for additional work and wouldn’t accept gig extras for that extra work but left you with this review. So if potential buyers look at your gig / profile, they see both sides of the story and might be more likely to order anyways if they figure out this buyer exploited you.

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Yeah, I will write a Respond to the review. that is a good idea. And I want to know *Can buyer edit or remove the negative feedback he left? because i saw some articles on google saying this is possible.

If the buyer decides they want to change the feedback, yes. They can ask CS for that. However you are not allowed to ask the buyer to change their review.


Please let me know that unlimited revisions should I apply 2 or 3 time or not apply revisions.

No, they can not. Don’t even try because you will get a warning for that.
Instead of believing google articles you’d better rely on fiverr TOS :wink:

And there is never win win situation for you if you already got into a pickle.

You either get paid but accept a possibility of getting bad review or you cancel the order and loose money and your time :woman_shrugging:


That’s up to you and how much is your gig. I can give you my example. for my cheapest gig I have 0revision in basic pack, 1 rev in standard and 2 in premium. For my expensier gig I have 1 rev for basic, 2 for standard and 3 for premium. But they are not 5 or 10$ gigs. Also depends of what services you offer. I feel like in my lyric gig I have to give the client revisions in every pack because it’s writing… but in the singing one I don’t, because if the buyer was able to hear my previous work and gave me all directions there’s no room for error.

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Thanks for guide me Tamarapereir

Coordination in this regard is highly appreciate.

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My house is unfortunately already finished.

But the terrace still needs planning. Do you do this kind of thing?

Then I’ll book you. Because I like your gig.