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Buyer scammed me and refunded after 1 mont with a 5 star feedback


So, this guy needed a work done urgently, we agreed on $100 in 24 hours delivery. I did his work in 12 hours, delivered the work, and after minor changes, all was good, he left me 5 star feedback and that was the end of it.

Today, I just got notification that he cancelled his order, Notification didnt said “The order was cancelled by custom support”, it said that the “Username cancelled your order” I clicked his username and it seems it’s no more, so most likely banned.

I have opened ticket on Fiverr so they atleast don’t let it effect my cancellation rate (which it has, by 1%).

Now, I have another dilemma, should I (can I?) try to pursue this buyer off-Fiverr, is it allowed?, considering that’s he’s banned. I’m not sure how it works. I don’t wanna break any policy or something like that. I would appreciate if anyone official can shed some light on it.



It’s a chargeback … some buyers do that .


Please do not pursue the client off-Fiverr as that’s against Fiverr’s ToS. I would suggest that you pursue it with Fiverr instead, and ask them if they could defend the chargeback on your behalf and refund the $100 to your account.

Yep. That’s the risk of online freelancing, unfortunately. :crying_cat_face:

Good luck! :snowflake:


Sorry this happened to you! No it’s not allowed by fiverr, and anyway it won’t do any good. He did not actually pay you, he paid fiverr so you have no actual way to make him pay you.


What is a charge back? If you can help me understand.


A chargeback is a feature offered by PayPal (and other organizations that offer financial services) that offers its customers the option to cancel and refund any previous payments made (within a particular timeframe) . In case of PayPal, I believe the customer is able to chargeback a transaction upto 6 months after the initial payment was made.

For more accurate info. on this topic, you could google “chargeback”.


Oh lord. Ok! Thanks for taking your time out. Really really appreciate :grinning:


Yeah, that I’m aware of.


Yeah, I decided not to. Not worth it. Thank you, friend, for your suggestion.


Does anybody know why is that possible , can’t it just be once they accept the order and leave a review they cannot ask for cancellation or chargeback ?


Because it doesn’t depend upon Fiverr. they chargeback via the medium they paid, like Paypal or Credit/Debit card, and these companies usually charge back the amount and they need no permission to do so from Fiverr or anyone else.


This chargeback issue is becoming something else. Pls, can anyone tell me the advantage of this chargeback stuff ? (if any). I meant why would PayPal even allowed such thing?


Because sites are extremely favorable to the buyer, one such instance where they didn’t side with the buyer can create a lot of PR and distrust so even if they know that buyer is wrong, they usually side with them.

Just like Amazon, people receive packages (that are supposed to be sign in order to get them) and then after a week, they call them up and say they didn’t received it to get refund, Amazon know not all of them are telling truth but it’s not worth the hassle to save few buck rather then having their reputation tarnish.
Hope that helps!


:joy::joy::joy: I have faced this situation 2 times.


That’s the risk of online freelancing, unfortunately


Amazon bans a lot of people who do chargebacks with them. People don’t realize that if they try anything like that with Amazon they won’t be able to shop there again.


Yes, I’m glad that they recently started a big wave. They even sent legal notices to a lot of folks abusing their system. It’s because of their abuse, we can’t have good things.


Thank you for the details explanations. I now understand better.


This is making so much sense. Thanks for he info.



This is very bad some buyer do that… I also have this type of experience with buyers.They cancel when they need to be. This is not good at all.