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Buyer scammed me! Please help!

This person asked for a roleplay service and I accepted. He payed, we talked and did the roleplay, but once it was done, he immediately cancelled the order. I just lost 30 dollars, what do I do?? He also blocked me on everything…

Khm. Khm.


One step at the time.


What it the actual world of what?

Please tell me the roleplay way you fixing his computer or data entry in excel or something because …

Whatever you are saying here it sounds 100% not allowed on Fiverr.


I don’t see any “role play” gigs on your profile

It was a custom offer for my “Oneshot” gig.

It was a custom offer for my fanfiction services. But is roleplaying not allowed?

Well, do you have it recorded so you can send the tape to Fiverr?

All order deliveries that require communication or like Teamviewer and stuff should be recorded for evidence.

If you are in right way, you can contact with fiver support.

I took screenshots! I have proof that it happened

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there are gigs where a seller will play a video game with you though. it was a D&D stype RP i assume? and did it take place on fiverr?


How exactly was the order cancelled? Did they send a cancellation request as the order was active, or was it cancelled after the delivery was confirmed by the buyer?

If it’s the latter, they either filed a chargeback or Fiverr might have cancelled the order. Honestly I don’t see how roleplay is something you should monetize on Fiverr (let alone for any reason). For context for others, roleplay is essentially collaborative writing between two or more parties. (At least, that’s what I take this to have been given the minimum info presented)

For some reason, the order was set to 1 day, but when I looked back on the delivery time it said we PASSED the delivery time, which wasn’t true. The delivery time was 24 hours, and I’m sure it was him who cancelled it because he blocked me on hangouts and fiverr.

The buyer can’t cancel the order on their own. Both the seller and buyer have to agree to a cancellation (either a seller submits a cancellation request that the buyer accepts, or the other way around). The only way besides this is if Fiverr cancelled it themselves, which given the context of what you were supposed to deliver, is certainty plausible. Still, the timeline is a bit weird in my opinion.

On the order page, what does it say at the end? Usually there’s a little blurb such as “Order Cancelled by Fiverr” or something of the sort. This could determine who actually cancelled the order.

Oh no, it said it was cancelled by customer support! But the order’s deadline was 24 hours so I am very confused!

Was the RP of an…ahem…“grown up” nature? If so, I believe it was in violation of TOS. If there were any…insinuations…of underage characters engaging in said activities, that would DEFINITELY do it.


In that case, I can think of either 3 scenarios:

  1. The buyer displayed some fishy behavior, and was banned from the platform. This would, obviously, cancel their outstanding orders. (Or at least I would think so? Haven’t had this happen to me, but I believe that’s how it would work if someone was banned in the middle of an order)
  2. The buyer went to Fiverr to have the order cancelled. Whatever evidence they presented won them over, and they cancelled the order. I’d jump to this, if the timeline wasn’t so quick. Usually it takes a bit for Fiverr to respond to queries these days.
  3. Your gig goes against Fiverr’s TOS, so they cancelled the order and shut your gig down.

Either way, I would cut the loss and move on. I really don’t see a way of successfully monetizing RP on Fiverr…I don’t even know how you would go about proving a delivery besides a whole chat log.

Was this roleplay potentially NSFW (which could mean it was against the ToS although not necessarily… (Depends on what it is I think?). When did the buyer order? Did you RP with him right after he ordered or was it the day after? (Potentially support could have been contacted for… Whatever reasons by the buyer I guess but it does seem a bit like a late deliver (although you’d have gotten a one star review then so maybe not…)

No there wasn’t anything revolving minors/children, but there was some 18+ bits here and there.

Yeah this is also a possibility. That’s a one way ticket to a TOS violation.

We did the rp the day of, only a few hours after the order had been created.

At the risk of being crude here, I’m willing to bet the gentleman (I use the term very loosely here) got you to replenish their mental store of scenarios to keep in mind for their special alone time, and, once they got what they wanted, decided that payment wasn’t necessary.

If CS cancelled, they found something worth cancelling over. You should have been sent an email outlining the “why” of it, I believe - can anyone confirm that? Also, check your stats in about a day or two - if you see a “Days Without Warnings” violation (the little line will be red), that’s what happened.

I’d advise you to stick to pre-written stories as opposed to “RP” in the future, and avoid all 18+ scenarios altogether. Fiverr’s kind of prudish, they don’t like that sort of thing. They’re publicly traded, so they avoid anything that has a whiff of liability and/or pornographic/erotic content.