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Buyer scammed me! Please help!

Probably would have received an e-mail. I got one when an order was cancelled because of a chargeback, so I’d expect the same result here.

I’m… uhm. Not very familiar with RPing (anymore.) I can see it working on fiverr as long as it’s clean (and then deliver the full chat log in the end to prove you’ve done your job…) But I personally wouldn’t call +18 RP artistic expression (because I know what RPing can be like. Depends though because bits can be fine). What I can think is that the buyer didn’t just block you but could have been banned from the site for asking for such services? I’ve seen many BRs for RPs and many of them go against the ToS.
That being said I don’t think your fanfic gig is in danger at least but I’d be careful with role-playing on here (and off site as well to be fair )

I have not received a warning, it was really him who cancelled the order. :pensive:
It even says “___ has cancelled your order”

We actually roleplayed on google hangouts.

If you are “late” for delivery, the buyer can cancel without it being a mutual cancellation - but you say the buyer ordered initially and RP’d with you only a few hours later? The shortest time period for an order is 1 day on this site - the clock starts the minute they put in the information and mark themselves (or when you mark it) as “having all the materials I need to get started” or something like that. Is it possible he ordered earlier and you didn’t see it, or maybe you never turned in a log/document to “submit” the order?

Yes! The order deadline was one day! I do not understand what happened.

I wish I could send pictures but i have a screenshot of the order that states “order due on Feb 8 2021”. It was not a late order.

You can cut and paste the image into the post box here on the forums, it’ll upload it like my picture above.

Not 100% on what happened to you with this order, but RP is problematic, as are all “adult nature” offerings here. If I were you, I’d remove “erotica” and “all ages” mentions out of your public-facing bio as a measure of precaution.


Alright, will do. Though, do you think it’s possible for me to get my money back? I know it included adult themes, but he technically still scammed me.

Which is it then, cause now honestly I’m confused. I don’t know how a buyer would be able to do this in this time frame. All in all it makes more sense if it was Fiverr who cancelled. Perhaps the buyer was banned? I’m pretty certain a buyer blocking you v.s. them getting banned off the platform looks the same on the seller’s end.

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Well, he did block me on hangouts as well, and his profile still shows up on my fiverr chats, so I’m not sure he got banned.

Well in any event, I would cut your losses and move on. If you go to CS looking for help, chances are they’re going to hit you with a strike for going even close to 18+ content. I would also double check your gigs to make sure they have a longer time than 24 hours, and that no add-on such as quicker delivery cuts the time down to 24 hours.

Oh my… I already contacted CS…