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Buyer Scammed me.... Please Help

Hello everyone.
Hello everyone.
Hello everyone.
Hello everyone.


What exactly did the warning notification say?

The warning said that im sending empty delivery. As it was account reinstating gig so there was nothing to be attached. The customer care cancelled mu order automatically i i lost my money.

Your account is now at risk!

Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.


But what about the work i did. it was a 175$ order

Do you have any solid proof that you did it? I know you said that you didn’t take screenshots of the completed work, but did you take of the process?

I have a ss in which he’s agreeing that an bank account is attached to the eBay account

You need to remove the name of the buyer from your screenshot as that is not allowed on the forum.

Oh sorry sorry, Im new to fiverr

As you can see that he is agreeing that a bank account is attached to the ebay account for verification purpose

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I’m new here as well but I think you should contact Fiverr support to assist you on this issue, you can still win the case, I have come across such issue via PayPal before, and I request for PayPal support, and boom! I win the case, and they release my funds since I’m right.

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@murtaza_1876 - what service do you offer here exactly? Can you explain what you actually do?

I can’t help but think that inputting your bank details to another seller’s account (a seller who has had their eBay account suspended) in an attempt to circumvent the suspension, would be a HUGE breach of eBay’s own terms of service, no?

That in itself is also a breach of Fiverr’s terms of service.


I provided services to get eBay suspended accounts reinstated. No, Attaching any other bank just for verification purpose is not breach of eBay’s TOS nor Fiverr’s. As after verification the user can change the bank account to his own without any hassle.

@cubittaudio You’re right, he shouldn’t have use his personal bank details to reinstate other person account, his bank is his life, if the victim commit a crime, and they trace the crime back to his bank, like seriously it’s a big mess.

Although nobody is above mistake, maybe next time he won’t use his personal information to reinstate other person account.

Thank you for you support. I do have made a support request but still waiting for their reply.

God will help you :pray:
Note: It’s not a mistake to make a mistake but it is a mistake to repeat the mistake.

Of course it is a breach of terms - you are verifying the account with your details so it is you who is being verified, not the buyer. When they go to change the bank details, it will be a problem again.
I think the refund in this case was correct.


I’m always astounded at how many people come on to the forum to complain that they are being ‘scammed’ because a buyer is demanding a refund, but fail to acknowledge that they’re offering dodgy scam services themselves, with this gig being a perfect example.

If eBay want a seller to verify their bank details, they expect the seller to use THEIR OWN bank, not hire some guy on Fiverr to use his bank temporarily. How could you possibly think that this is OK? That’s not just against eBay’s Terms of Service, and therefore Fiverr’s own Terms of Service, it’s essentially fraud. It’s like saying “oh it’s OK, I can sit this exam for you, and then once I’ve passed, you just change the name of the qualification to your name, no problem”.

This will sound harsh, but I don’t care - I hope Fiverr CS remove both your gig and your account. You’re engaging in fraud and have no right to be here on Fiverr, and services like this do nothing but drag the Fiverr brand through the mud, validating the people who believe that Fiverr is overrun with people offering scam services.


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you must always attach Screenshots of the work you did for the gigs which don’t have any files that need to be submitted but rather a remote service such as this. Always click images of your process and the final stage where it clearly shows that the account was reinstated, and attach those images in your work delivery, otherwise it will count as an empty delivery. also copy/paste the link addresses if you have built a website for someone along with it’s screenshot images. Hope your issue gets resolved. Be careful next time.

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