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Buyer scammed me

I started to make new sales at fiverr. my sale is low. Doing cheap business to increase level.

This user scammed me. “************”
I did 2 jobs for this user. I finished it fast. this user knows the site’s bugs.
waiting until the last minute and giving revision. He wants the project file. for avoid paying for the revision. cancels the order. It gives 1 star. I’ve lost a lot of points because of this thief.

The support team does nothing.
My score was 5 now 2.4.

Mod Note: Username removed.


Please remove your buyers name, it’s forbidden to call out people On the forum.

Did he leave a review and after that cancelled the order through support team?

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support team said talk with buyer.
order is simple. Delivery is simple. I delivered the job. I have proof. support team does not help. these tyrants use this bug.

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I still don’t understand it. Is your order cancelled or not?


How did he cancel the orders and leave reviews? Did he cancel through CS or through the resolution centre?

Also if he threatened to leave a low rating and was asking for extra services in the threat, that could have been against the terms of service and could have been reported.


If the orders weren’t cancelled and the buyer didn’t want to pay extra for the project file (which has an extra charge) it would have been better to cancel the orders (and report any messages that were against the TOS eg. threats of a low rating if extra services aren’t provided free of charge).

From the terms of service:

Fiverr Customer Support will cancel orders based on, but not limited to, the following reasons:

Users are abusive towards the other party through threats of low ratings or leveraging order materials (such as logins, personal information) against each other.

OK I’ll tell you long.

I did 2 jobs for this user. I delivered the first job. buyer waited 3 days. After confirming the order placed new order. asked for the next order within 2 hours. I delivered quickly. 3 days later he gave revision. wanted animation project. I told him it was paid. did not close the order. I wrote to the support team. support team said talk with buyer. days passed. buyer asked to revise the order. I did the revision. buyer gave new order. approved the previous order. I wanted to block buyer I could not. user cannot be blocked. have open order. Order 5 dollars, customer request value 30 dollars. I said I won’t do this job. we mutually canceled the order. 1 user has canceled orders because of this user. There are 2 reviews.(1 star)

My score was 5 now 2.4.
I can not bid on buyer requests.

I don’t care about rules right now. I will open a new account.
I’il be more careful with these thieves.


You could report the bug to the CS if both orders were cancelled through the resolution centre but the buyer was able to leave reviews on both of them anyway. They might even delete the reviews if the’re against the TOS or something (though it would be risky to ask them to in case of warnings).
And you could report his threats of low ratings to CS too.

Look, We still can’t understand what really happened. Most of your sentences are just English words which is very difficult to understand in a full sentence and it’s definitely doesn’t make any sense as a whole story.

So I’m sure support team might’ve been also confused and you also might have miscommunication with your buyer.
I wouldn’t try to understand your situation anymore because you already tried to explain it few times and it doesn’t become any more clear.
But my advice will be to improve your English level before opening new account as you might be up in the same situation.

They are not. I looked up his profile and his buyer just left the review that he was highly unprofessional.

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I’m sure the buyer understands me.
Me: The AE file costs $50.
Buyer: $50 ? What ? I thought we work together for long term but your greedy designer!

For future orders you could also put into the messages that that price for the project file is listed on your gig package in the description/package description. Just so you can show that that it was there before they placed the order and it isn’t an extra charge decided on since the order was started.

eg. “As stated in my gig description, the charge for the project/.aep file is…”

I agree with you. I updated the gigs.
But I can’t send anyone an offer right now.
Do I get an order if I wait? I do not think so. I need to open a second account.

Check with Fiverr CS first to check you have their permission and the first one would need to be deactivated before the new one was created.


I know. Before opening the second account, I want to talk about everything in the forum. helpful users and their comments are important to me. like you. thank you.

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I don’t fully understand the situation from your post BUT if:

  • the buyer placed 2 orders with you
  • closed but didn’t review them
  • placed a 3rd order where they wanted you to do more work than was included but didn’t wish to pay
  • threatened you with a negative review when you refused
  • canceled the order in question but then gave you 2 negative reviews of two previous orders in retaliation

then I think you can get these reviews removed if you explain your situation well and clear to CS.

Make screenshots and go with short sentences:

  1. This is what I offer (screenshot of your gig terms)

  2. This is what they’ve paid for (screenshot of the order description)

  3. This is what they actually wanted me to deliver (screenshot of your buyer’s comment)

  4. This is where they threatened me with a 1* review if I don’t do it (screenshot of your buyer’s comment)

  5. These are the 1* reviews I got as a result after this threat was made. Both reviews are unrelated to the canceled order the buyer had a problem with.

Don’t write long sentences, you may be hard to understand for a CS agent and make them just send you to settle the situation with your buyer.

If you have a ticket open, close this one, wait for a few days and open a new one. If your previous ticket is closed, wait for a few days and open a new one.