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Buyer scammer scamming with delivery time


buyer scammer,i recently have a buyer saying that he will get back to me and he said that wait for me to contact you and also he said dont deliver the order.
The thing is that the deadline is arrived and also i worked a lot for him so i dont want to cancel that order thats why help me plz what will happen if dead line will come,let me know any tricks.
Thanks in advance,


The buyer will be able to cancel the order if you leave it alone. That will result in a 1 star review.

Kindly redeliver and ask the buyer what exactly does he want.

Otherwise, request a mutual cancellation.

Best of luck.


he isnt replying to me but


also he just wanted me to wait


I’d deliver. Buyer can ask for a revision, and then you’ll pretty much have infinite time to wait around for him.


i didnt understood,he said me to not to deliver but i did so what gonna happen now?


Buyer will ask for revision only.


but the time is running out so what should do?


Deliver the gig. Buyer may or may not ask for the revision.


he is keep asking for revisions,although i offer 3 revisions but still he is keep taking revisions,whats the problem?


You can use the "Resolve Now " option.


so after that what shoud i select?


The buyer requested additional work, which wasn’t in the scope of the original order


but still the countdown is running after i open the dispute,then its going to late its really disgusting


Once you deliver the gig for the first time then the time has no importance.


but buyer is keeps opening revisions,if you can give me a solution it will be great.


we keep giving you solutions and you aren’t taking them


fiverr is not completely seller friendly but like i dont want to get 1 star at all so its already in late but i delivered it though.

but i know buyer will come and will put it again in the revision mode,what i can do here if anyone can it will be great.


As stated previously, after you make the initial delivery the timer doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve got a revision in my inbox from 2 months ago, I’m not concerned about it at all. You shouldn’t be either once you deliver. If it gets to a point where it is a problem, certainly try “resolve now.” If you don’t regularly cancel orders, canceling one isn’t going to affect you much.


Don’t worry. There is no time limit for revisions (yes, the timer is broken). There are a few instances from the past, where sellers kept their orders in the modification state for a couple of years. I suggest, you to do the same if nothing works out.